Storing your Car- Tips to Minimize Damage

Written by D.Demetre

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Forrepparttar electrical system, removerepparttar 136106 battery cables (negative cable first) and lift outrepparttar 136107 battery. Wiperepparttar 136108 battery with battery cleaner to take away any moisture-holding dirt or grease. Placerepparttar 136109 battery on a clean, dry surface, like a block of wood or a stack of bricks. Now hook up a trickle charger. These are designed to preserverepparttar 136110 battery’s charge over a long period of time. Whilerepparttar 136111 battery is out, inspectrepparttar 136112 battery rack for rust or corrosion. Clean and repair any damage as necessary.

Lubricate hood latches, hinges and door hinges white lithium grease to keep air and moisture out. Have a look atrepparttar 136113 brake fluid. Brake fluid will soak up moisture fromrepparttar 136114 air, causing your brake system to rust and corrode. Get it flushed and filled with clean, fresh fluid if it hasn’t been done in two years or more. Checkrepparttar 136115 coolant level- ensure it is topped off torepparttar 136116 proper level. Also checkrepparttar 136117 coolant’s protection level. It should be low enough to protectrepparttar 136118 cooling system from winter temperatures.

Because rodents and other small animals like to chew ignition wires and wiring harnesses, stuff clean rags intorepparttar 136119 engine air intake, fresh air intake underrepparttar 136120 windshield and tail pipe. A neat trick a mechanic told me about is to get a big box of mothballs and spread them out around and underrepparttar 136121 car- for some reasonrepparttar 136122 smell works wonders at keeping undesirable creatures away.

Tires are prone to developing flat spots ifrepparttar 136123 vehicle will be sitting for longer than five or six months. To prevent this you should get a set of four jack stands. Jack uprepparttar 136124 vehicle and placerepparttar 136125 jack stands underrepparttar 136126 lift points ofrepparttar 136127 vehicle (usuallyrepparttar 136128 lower control arms or underrepparttar 136129 frame) If you have a dirt floor, place pieces of 1" plywood underrepparttar 136130 jack stands to prevent them sinking intorepparttar 136131 dirt.

Removerepparttar 136132 wiper blades fromrepparttar 136133 wiper arms to prevent them from becoming glued torepparttar 136134 windshield and leaving marks. The last thing you need to do is- nothing! That’s it. Lock up and enjoy knowing your precious car is sleeping in suspended animation, awaiting your return.

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Raw Excitement for the Jeep Hurricane

Written by Jenny McLane

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Jeep Hurricane 2005 has Four Wheel and Crab Steering capability, with a combination of traditional and “steer by wire” technologies. The total of twenty inches of suspension travel was achieved throughrepparttar use of a purpose-built front and rear double A-arm independent wishbone suspension with coil over dampers

Superior engineering describesrepparttar 136105 effort put into every inch ofrepparttar 136106 Jeep Grand Cherokee by its grand designers --repparttar 136107 Millenworks. The new concept vehicle challengedrepparttar 136108 creative boundaries of MillenWorks’ engineering team andrepparttar 136109 result is amazing.

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