Store Discount Cards

Written by David Catt

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Remember how much personal information that you gave them to getrepparttar discount card? Allrepparttar 147421 informationrepparttar 147422 market research companies have gathered from stores is then crunched, analyzed, compared, sorted and studied and finally put into custom reports. The report could be who is buying a certain type of item (example: chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies?) to which brand of hot dogs is selling best in a certain region to whatever type of data report a customer wished to purchased. The possibilities are endless. To get an idea, do a web search for "market research". Look at reports offered.

Who purchased these reports? One (of many) was possiblyrepparttar 147423 manufacturer ofrepparttar 147424 product that was discounted by scanning your card. The manufacturer pays forrepparttar 147425 market report with money they make from you purchasing their product. So who really paid for that discount? You did!

Humor: I wonder what those market research computers thinks when it records a single male purchasing an "unmentionable" item forrepparttar 147426 lady currently in their life! How badly does that effect their statistical analysis? :)

Untilrepparttar 147427 litter box needs emptying again!

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Part I - Different Types of Home Foundations and When to Use Each

Written by Mark Mathis

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All three foundation types are usually constructed out of concrete, but can also use concrete masonry units or insulated concrete forms.

Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) are hollow, concrete blocks. To createrepparttar foundation wall, mortar is used between blocks to hold them together, formingrepparttar 147403 wall.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are made of rigid foam insulation forms (a system of support assemblies, including mold, hardware, and necessary bracing to hold concrete) into which concrete is poured. Oncerepparttar 147404 concrete has gained its full strength,repparttar 147405 outside forms,repparttar 147406 inside forms, or both are left in place to insulaterepparttar 147407 wall. ICFs are common in regions in whichrepparttar 147408 local building code requiresrepparttar 147409 foundation to be insulated. Another benefit is thatrepparttar 147410 homeowner or builder is able to finish basement immediately, without adding studs.

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