Stop thinking about it ... do it,repair your credit

Written by Joe L.Golson

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benefit,, It is often easier and cheaper for a creditor or bureau to remove a derogatory item than it is to fight it. For them to successfully argue that a debt is yours requires them to findrepparttar "original" document and original signature. Ifrepparttar 136369 original document is in a warehouse in Alabama, it could get very costly and time consuming to find. And remember, if they can't find it and verify it within 30 days, it must be removed. Few creditors will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in man hours to find a signature to prove you owe them money that they know they will never receive anyway.

Learn how to get good credit by improving your credit scores and removing bad credit. Fixing your bad credit is possible, simple, and legal! If you have debts that are affecting your credit scores and your ability to buy a home, a car, or get personal loans, etc... You really only have 3 choices...

{1} Pay Your Creditors {2} File Bankruptcy {3}Fix Your Credit

Stop thinking and do something! The very worst thing you can do is to Do Nothing!

Joe L.Golson, writer and Affiliate Marketeer. For Free information and services on Credit Repair and Bankruptcy

The Softer Benefits Of Corporate Giving

Written by Veronica Fielding

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Companies are finding that this sort of support, in addition to public recognition and praise of employees who donate their time and personal resources to various causes, helps them communicate to employees that they are valued as individuals. It also provides a forum through whichrepparttar company can show appreciation torepparttar 136285 employee forrepparttar 136286 benefits it receives throughrepparttar 136287 positive association withrepparttar 136288 employee.

According to Kurt Rechner, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tejas Securities Group, Inc., “Tejas Securities contributes regularly to charities as a way to give back to our community and to show support for our employees andrepparttar 136289 companies with which we do business. For example, we’ve made contributions torepparttar 136290 Children’s Medical Center Foundation of Austin,repparttar 136291 Austin Film Society, and Meals on Wheels, each of which provides wonderful benefits torepparttar 136292 people in and around our home-base of Austin, Texas. In addition, we recently learned aboutrepparttar 136293 great work being done by Big Brothers of Massachusetts, and we made contributions to that organization as well. I think it’s important for companies to openly communicate with their employees and business partners about their corporate giving activities. By sharing information,repparttar 136294 employees feel valued,repparttar 136295 organization learns about good organizations that need its support—and it creates a win: win allrepparttar 136296 way around.”

Companies frequently find themselves contributing around themes. Some, for example, find their employees tend to want to support health-related causes, such as Breast Cancer Research or Alzheimer’s research or other causes that may have affected families and friends. Other organizations find their employees gravitate towards education-related initiatives, such asrepparttar 136297 TJ Ford Foundation and Reading Is Fundamental. And many organizations find themselves contributing to organizations that help support children, especially organizations that provide esteem-building like Big Brothers/Big Sisters and those helping children with special needs, such as Special Olympics and Make a Wish Foundation.

With good causes being a good rallying point for boosting morale, many organizations use their corporate giving programs as team building tools to help unite their workers around a common charitable cause. They find that uniting workers for an outside cause helps reinforce their ability to work together forrepparttar 136298 companies’ good as well.

So if you’re an employee who is active in a charity, consider extendingrepparttar 136299 value of your contributions by getting your employer involved. And if you’re an employer who wants to expandrepparttar 136300 benefits of your contributions program, explore ways to involve your employees, too. The non-profits you support will thank you.

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