Stop Smoking – Without Weight Gain

Written by Barbara Mascio

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Most smoking cessation programs and products do very little to ‘settlerepparttar nerves.’ When a person is trying to quit smoking and atrepparttar 149532 same time, trying to refrain from overeating –repparttar 149533 nervousness,repparttar 149534 jitters,repparttar 149535 crabbiness, will drive a person to either eat or smoke.

Tony Latina, owner of Advanced Laser Solutions, located in Garfield Heights Ohio now offersrepparttar 149536 same low-level laser therapy for those that want to loose or control their weight. Tony said, “The same principles apply, we userepparttar 149537 painless low-level laser treatments and targetrepparttar 149538 points inrepparttar 149539 body to increase endorphins. This allows a person to remain calm and removes cravings.”

Yes! You can quit smoking and you can accomplish this without weight gain! Advanced Laser Solutions has helped hundreds of smokers quit for good from all overrepparttar 149540 tri-state area. Contact Advanced Laser Solutions by phoning 216-663-0766 or by visiting

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Cold-Eeze Side Effects Lawyer: Zinc Destroys Sense of Smell!

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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If you or a loved one has used Cold-Eeze and suffered intense burning or loss of smell, contact a lawyer right away. It may be too late to recover fromrepparttar crippling effects of Cold-Eeze, but a lawyer can help you recover damages and bar this debilitating drug from hands of innocent invalids. GA

To find out why you need a Cold-Eeze lawyer and read articles about dangerous drugs and Cold-Eeze side effects, visit our website at


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