Stop Internet Pollution

Written by Chuck Bauer

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1.STOP placing your entire e-mail database or lists intorepparttar To or Cc fields As previously stated, some people place all their email addresses inrepparttar 109564 To or Cc field. There are two disadvantages to this: (a)repparttar 109565 recipient knows you have sentrepparttar 109566 same message to a large amount of people, and (b) you are publicizing someone else's email address without their permission.

2.STOP using sarcasm and humor in some e-mails Without face to face communications your joke or statement may be viewed with disapproval or even worse – you may hurt someone’s feelings. Genuine intimacy with our fellow human beings is a rare commodity these days – and many people who shy away from intimacy hide behindrepparttar 109567 veil of humor. If it doesn’t buy you anything, then don’t say or write it.

3.STOP opening e-mails with a “fwd” or “fw” inrepparttar 109568 subject matter These types of e-mails create a huge amount of pollution. The messages are typically laced with multiple forwarded subjects not to mention including each person’s e-mail list that decided to hit reply or forward torepparttar 109569 original message.


5.STOP writing anything you don’t want shared in public Never assume your email messages are private or that they can be read by only repparttar 109570 recipient. Facerepparttar 109571 fact, sending e-mails is just like having a “LIVE” microphone around a politician. 6.STOP changing e-mails addresses every so often Much of our Internet pollution is due to people changing e-mail addresses every so often. Many people have to change due torepparttar 109572 high amount of spam that they receive. Others change because ofrepparttar 109573 all new ISP that just came out. Yet, messaging everyone inrepparttar 109574 world about a new address, again, pollutes repparttar 109575 electronic traffic, not to mention everyone needs to update their database.

7.STOP sending unnecessary attached files Sending some attachments can annoy friends, family, and clients. Many files may even seize their e-mail system. Compress attachments and only send them when they are necessary and productive. Or, load you attachment onto a website and direct your recipients to viewrepparttar 109576 document using a URL link instead.

8.STOP sending messages with a typical spam title inrepparttar 109577 subject matter A relative every once in awhile sends a message and inrepparttar 109578 subject field it says “Hi.” Great . . . especially considering “hi” is one ofrepparttar 109579 most recognizable spam subject titles. Spammers use basic titles in their subject lines that are designed to create curiosity withrepparttar 109580 recipient so they’ll open or forwardrepparttar 109581 message. Amazingly enough, we use some ofrepparttar 109582 same titles in our legitimate e-mails. Another way spammers infiltrate is to misspell words inrepparttar 109583 subject line. Watch out for specific subject titles such as Urgent, Important, Sunday, Your Message, Invoice, Send Card To, Your Account; or any subject fields that are misspelled.

9.STOP passing along virus alerts E-mail users are still forwarding virus alerts – thinking that by sending these they’ll save some poor soul from a for-sure computer melt down. The fact is some virus alerts have embedded viruses in them. If you receive a virus alert, delete it without opening it or forwarding it. Checkrepparttar 109584 main homepage of your virus protection software often. Keep an eye on your favorite television news station or Internet news station like CNN or Fox News for your official virus alerts.

10.STOP replying to spam Each time you reply to spam or hit unsubscribe, you are confirming that your email address is “live.” Authenticating this will only create even more spam. Just hitrepparttar 109585 delete button or use email software to removerepparttar 109586 spam.

The Internet and E-mail is everything they said it was going to be. People all aroundrepparttar 109587 world are using this medium to connect and communicate with others. The “Net” has certainly changed how we live, work and play. Even Senior Citizens are now jumping in at a unprecedented rate of activity. Before they can speak, our children now have a mouse in their hand. Major corporate aircraft now have a mouse forrepparttar 109588 pilot and one forrepparttar 109589 co-pilot located onrepparttar 109590 cockpit consoles.

Asrepparttar 109591 Net continues to evolve, so do we as users utilizingrepparttar 109592 latest and greatest types of technology. Because of this wonderful phenomenon, we have no idea of what it will be like in ten years or how we‘ll all be affected by this incredible medium. We have just barely scratchedrepparttar 109593 “tip” ofrepparttar 109594 iceberg. Yet, we have a duty to safeguard and defendrepparttar 109595 Internets unique makeup.

Become a solution torepparttar 109596 pollution by implementingrepparttar 109597 ideas and suggestions found in this article. Start now onrepparttar 109598 road of increasing your awareness and reducingrepparttar 109599 huge amount of Internet pollution that we deal with on a daily basis.

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MyDoom Virus & How YOU can help!

Written by Val Burnett

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The message body will include one ofrepparttar following:

RANDOMIZED CHARACTERS test The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a binary attachment. sendmail daemon reported: Error #804 occurred during SMTP session. Partial message has been received. The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment. The message contains MIME-encoded graphics and has been sent as a binary attachment. Mail transaction failed. Partial message is available. The attachment will have one ofrepparttar 109563 following filenames:

body doc text document data file readme message


The attachment may have either one or two file extensions. If it does have two, repparttar 109564 first extension will be one ofrepparttar 109565 following:

.htm .txt .doc

The second extension, orrepparttar 109566 only extension if there is only one, will be one ofrepparttar 109567 following: .pif .scr .exe .cmd .bat .zip (This is an actual .zip file that contains a copy ofrepparttar 109568 worm, sharingrepparttar 109569 same file name asrepparttar 109570 .zip. For example, can contain readme.exe.)

We have gathered information for you that will help you get an anti-virus software Program, how to check forrepparttar 109571 virus on your computer and information sites on what a virus is and how to prevent infection. Please make sure you protect YOUR system and prevent further spread through computer systems worldwide!

Removal Tool for MyDoom

How Computer Viruses Work

Tips on Avoiding Computer Worms ips.shtml

All users should go torepparttar 109572 following site. They provide a GREAT and FREE Online Virus Scanner. Scan your computer And make sure you are not infected with a virus! Trend Micro's free online virus Scanner

Anti-Virus Software - Get YOURS TODAY!

There are other Quite a Few Anti-Virus programs out there, some are free, some offer free trials and some are paid. You need to find one that works for you,repparttar 109573 main thing is GET one if you do not already have one. Then Once you have it, make sure to keep it UPDATED regularly.

Here are a couple of Anti-Virus Programs that many of our members and Subscribers already use:

Norton AntiVirus 2004 - FREE TRIAL

AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System - AVG 6.0 Free Edition

Mcaffee - FREE TRIAL

Please make sure you keep your system protected which then will help protect any one in your address book from receiving a virus from you. Inrepparttar 109574 end, if we all do our part, we can slow down and possibly even stop further spread of viruses across computer systems worldwide.

Your Partner In YOUR Success

Val Burnett MBPAdvertising, LLP

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