Stop Cat Urine Smell By Removing Cat Litter Box Waste

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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In order to keep The Cat happy, scoop out her production and deposit it into a plastic bag. Wraprepparttar bag tight, and select a wastebasket that's far enough away fromrepparttar 148279 cat litter box not to be noticeable by you and your cat. This might a neutral room whererepparttar 148280 cat litter box isn't located. Empty that wastebasket early and often to keep that part of your home from smelling like a litter box.

Even if you only have one cat, you may have more than one cat litter box. There are many kitties who like to have one box for liquid deposits, and another for solid waste. Here's a good rule of thumb for determiningrepparttar 148281 minimum number of cat litter boxes you need in your home:

"X" cats +1 = minimum number of cat litter boxes

Pretty easy, huh? If you have two cats, you need at least 3 cat litter boxes.

So if you do have more than one cat litter box, you'll need to check all of them on a regular basis. Many cats evacuate their bladder and bowels on a fairly regular basis, so you'll get a sense ofrepparttar 148282 time of day and/or evening you need to make your rounds. My cat Scout usually voids her bladder anytime between 4:30 AM - 5:30 AM. She usually passes solid waste about an hour later. Inrepparttar 148283 evening, she will urinate around 5:30 - 6:00PM, with a feces sample shortly afterward.

By knowingrepparttar 148284 approximate schedule your cat usesrepparttar 148285 litter box, you can plan your trips to check for scoopable products at fairly regular times. Her box is always clean and up to her standards. You can strategically position a waste can far away enough from all cat litter boxes in your home to keeprepparttar 148286 smell out of her cat litter box area, thus encouraging kitty to use her box allrepparttar 148287 time.

The Cat Urine Odor Advisor helps you save money and stop the damage in your household by offering solutions that work together to eliminate cat urine odor from your home.

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Are All Those Pet Vaccinations Really Necessary?

Written by Angela M. Predhomme

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Why do almost all conventional vets recommend yearly vaccinations? Itís beenrepparttar industry standard. According to veterinarian Dr. Carolyn Blakey, it accounts for up to 80% of a vetís business. To recommend less frequent vaccination, vet businesses would take a big financial blow.

If it concerns you to avoid vaccinations, are there any alternatives? There are a couple options. Some holistic vets follow a modified program of vaccinations, giving them at less frequent intervals.

Another option is homeopathic. Homeopathic nosodes are a remedy administered to pets that are believed to assist in disease prevention. Nosodes are made fromrepparttar 148185 actual virus, just like a vaccine, but are made differently and are totally safe.

According to Donna Starita, DVM, a leading homeopathic vet, many studies show homeopathic nosodes to be just as effective or more so than conventional vaccines in preventing disease. (3)

Some breeders, such as author Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D., that are interested in more natural methods use exclusively nosodes in place of regular shots. They swear by itís effectiveness and they say their animals are much healthier than earlier generations that got shots. (4)

So, itís OK to questionrepparttar 148186 necessity of yearly pet vaccinations, with their questionable necessity and potential adverse effects on your petís health. This isrepparttar 148187 beginning of this movement, and overrepparttar 148188 coming years, itís my opinion that weíll probably see more movement away from such frequent vaccination. Some veterinary schools are already changing their curriculum to advocate changes in vaccination frequency. Inrepparttar 148189 end, it will save us all money, and weíll have healthier pets.

So next time you get that little reminder card inrepparttar 148190 mail that your pet is due for their shots, think twice! And switch your petís care to a vet that is more careful aboutrepparttar 148191 use of vaccines.

See for a FREE online directory of holistic vets.

Sources: (1) Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Pitcairn & Pitcairn (2) The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cats by Diane Stein with excerpt by John Fudens, DVM (3) The Dangers of Vaccinations, andrepparttar 148192 Advantages of Nosodes for Diseases Prevention by Dr. Donna Starita Mehan (4) Cat Care, Naturally! by Celeste Yarnall

Angela Predhomme is the owner and creator of the holistic pet directory, Alternatives for Animals, at

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