Stop Cat Scratching Today!

Written by Brad Knell

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If your cat likes catnip, rub some intorepparttar sisal rope onrepparttar 148607 post. Hanging his favorite toy onrepparttar 148608 top ofrepparttar 148609 post will help get his attention also.

The first time he usesrepparttar 148610 post you need to heap lots of praise on him, pet him, give him a treat and let him know that he is a 'good boy.' Cats do not relate punishment torepparttar 148611 behavior they are engaged in but they do understand very well when they have done something that pleases you if you communicate that effectively. It shouldn't take long for your cat to figure things out if you use this strategy.

Our cat Milo is hillarious! Now when he needs to scratch he sits in front ofrepparttar 148612 post, reaches up to scratch, stops and turns to make sure we are watching him and then does his business. Then he turns to us as if to say, 'hey, aren't I a good boy?'

Brad Knell is the webmaster at which is one of a series of websites created to help people with their pet problems.

Nikki and Benny, My Therapy Visiting Dogs.

Written by Ruth Bird

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I encourage anyone who has a dog that loves people, is well mannered to investigaterepparttar possibility of dog therapy visiting. The nice aspect about this is,repparttar 148587 dogs do NOT have to be obedience trained, just obedient. Big difference!

A few weeks ago, when I brought my golden torepparttar 148588 home, one ofrepparttar 148589 directors noticed that one ofrepparttar 148590 residents was watchingrepparttar 148591 dog. The director said why donít you go over and see what she will do. This lady we were going to see was in one of those high backed chairs that also serves as a bed. She was not able to sit, or move up. But, she was able to move her head sideways, drop her arm, and pet my dog. WOW! She was thrilled. She gently talked to Nikki, and when I asked her a few questions about dogs, she answered me. Now,repparttar 148592 director came over to me, and told me this lady never speaks to anyone, except to tell them where toÖ., well you know what, right? This lady was unhappy, and other then telling everyone off, she never talked to anyone conversationally. The director was thrilled to see her react this way. These experiences make visiting worth while. And let me tell you, it IS worth while.

My name is Ruth Bird, and I am the owner of 3 dogs, 2 are Registered Therapy Visiting Dogs, my third dog is blind. My passions are health for people and pets and promoting a happy, healthy lifestyle. Omega 3 has become one of my favorite topics.

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