Still trying to succeed online without a listserver? It ain't gonna happen!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Is this spam? CERTAINLY NOT! A listserver serves a SUBSCRIPTION list! People need to request to be on your mailing list. It's easy to add them -- or they can add themselves. It's equally easy to delete them if they don't want to be on your list anymore, so you're NEVER spamming anyone!

When you're using a listserver, you've got your #1 Profit Tool for connecting with prospects, bringing vital information to their attention when YOU like, both sending it with your listserver and directing them to whatever area of your website you want them to see.

Speaking personally,repparttar apt use of listservers is what has turned our company -- Worldprofit, Inc. at -- from a back bedroom enterprise into a multi-million dollar operation. That's why we include a listserver as standard equipment in our very popular ready-to-move-into, professionally designed e-properties at

Let me make myself perfectly clear: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LISTSERVER, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO SUCCEED ONLINE; listservers are THAT important!

Go get yours now at For personal assistance, with "I want a listserver" inrepparttar 124410 subject, along with your name, company, and phone number.

With your listserver, you'll finally begin to capitalize onrepparttar 124411 incredible economies and speed of online business. What are you waiting for?

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Check Your Server!

Written by Dale Sexton

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I couldn't understand what was happening. Inrepparttar next half hour I received 50 unsubscribers. I checkedrepparttar 124409 list to see what was going on. In my mindrepparttar 124410 only name onrepparttar 124411 list I was sending to was mine.

When I pulled up my ftp program, last weeks list was on it. I went to my software to changerepparttar 124412 list but it wouldn't change. The only thing that would cause it not to change was ifrepparttar 124413 chmod settings had changed. They did. I had sent my 'test' to my list as it was last week.

The upgrade onrepparttar 124414 server had reset allrepparttar 124415 settings to everything in my cgi-bin. After it was all said and done, I lost over 200 subscribers. My host is aware ofrepparttar 124416 problem and have done a number of good things for my site, so I see no need to move. The real goal of this article is to make web owners aware of checking their site frequently.

Thoughrepparttar 124417 program I use is unusual in thatrepparttar 124418 mailing list can change inrepparttar 124419 cgi-bin, I had other programs that users brought to my attention were not working. What this means is that as a website owner, you have to check your site allrepparttar 124420 time. Don't trust that it works.

Dale Sexton owns & operates '', & publishes 'Small Business Tools magazine'. Both focus on tools & tips for small business. Sign up for 'SBT magazine' at:

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