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What Dreams Are Really Made For

Written by Mario Taillon

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Let's, for example, look at all those cubicle dwellers. Like in Dilbert's ( ) cartoon strip. This cartoon's most important feature is to express what those in working in workplaces can't say. It'srepparttar main reasons behindrepparttar 116911 success of Dilbert.

Why do you think are all those average cubicle dwellers ( ) go through their daily grind?

What are they trying to accomplish through all their frustrations?

Not much they'll be able tu use themselves because their boss will rake most ofrepparttar 116912 credit. At least according torepparttar 116913 script:

What then are all those cubicle dwellers running after?

Why is Dilbert andrepparttar 116914 others, wasting their lives in that stupid meaningless environment ????


Yes. Dilbert and his colleagues accomplish all what they can in hope it will maintain their security.

And in some places you'll even have people accomplish their duty straight out of fear.

A Paradox

Yet, there's an annoying paradox here.

Back here do you thinkrepparttar 116915 computersrepparttar 116916 real world Dilberts work on,repparttar 116917 car they drive,repparttar 116918 television and radio sets they listen to, are results of mainly fear and search for security?

Certainly not! They're mainlyrepparttar 116919 result of curiosity, creativity, intelligence, change, interest, ambition and so on.

The paradox is that a majority is looking for its security in a world created withrepparttar 116920 creativity of others...

It is something very promiscuous to live in fear surrounded withrepparttar 116921 success of others.

So this majority is performing their duty before reaching success later.

Which is a sad thing. Everyone has large resources of creativity, enough to be entitled to live out of them.

But to live out of his creativity, one has to learn how to take his own risks. This is pretty much choosingrepparttar 116922 right goals. And to take risks only on matters relevant torepparttar 116923 current goal at hand.

Those two skills come with practice. That's why it's important to practice every day. And to start today.

Getting back torepparttar 116924 beginning in this article, what candidate for living out of creativity would you think would be better than realizing your lifetime dreams ?


So, realizing lifetime dreams looks like a very legitimate candidate forrepparttar 116925 definition of duty.

Andrepparttar 116926 world would certainly be a far better place if more people did so.

Mario Taillon

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Mario Taillon started his online business in summer 2001. The idea really started flying when writing a series of articles about what happens when people begin to listen to their entrepreneurial mind. He got so interested, he now beleives it is something fundamental and profoundly nested in our instincts that does release tremendous energies. Yes, maybe entrepreneurial mind can move mountains... But at least it has him still writing about it."

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