Sticks and stones may break your bones! But names could make your fortune!

Written by Al Smith and Ruth Ramos

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So, as an example, let’s say you are ‘promoting’ a travel destination, for instance,repparttar Dominican Republic, then -

What if your chosen domain name is:

'' (No! don't bother trying it, you'll only end up with one of those 'pesky' domain sellers) – it won’t tellrepparttar 136661 spiders, or anyone else, anything - except (perhaps) your name (if you are indeed Fred!)...certainly it won’t appear to be relevant torepparttar 136662 site topic. And as for those ‘robotic’ things that judge whether your site should be selected, when searching for results, well it won't give them a clue about your site...

So what about:

‘’ is this any better?…Yes it mentions holidays…but where? Are they inrepparttar 136663 UK? An URL that ends in ‘’ would seem to implyrepparttar 136664 site may be about UK based holidays. But if your site isn't 'regional', or at least not ‘UK’ is still better to go for ‘.com’ (if you can get it!) if only because some itinerant visitors with faulty memories, who didn’t bookmark you, will usually try this option first (IF they remember your site name at all!)

Whereas something like:

‘’ Now that simply deliversrepparttar 136665 message…it’s aboutrepparttar 136666 Dominican Republic, and it relates to visitingrepparttar 136667 ‘one tick’ for optimisingrepparttar 136668 site you are building fromrepparttar 136669 name forwards…Byrepparttar 136670 way, please DO TRY clicking it…it’s our travel site, which already ranks withinrepparttar 136671 top 1/8th of 1 percent of most trafficked web sites onrepparttar 136672 Internet (source: after only 7 months, as of May 2005, up and running!

If you have recently launched a site and your domain name isn’t really that good or relevant…then bite-the-bullet now, droprepparttar 136673 irrelevant one you have and buy another better name. If you are still thinking of a name, then considerrepparttar 136674 foregoing tips before you register a domain…and bear in mind -

If you decide to considerrepparttar 136675 'fully supported route' which will save you A LOT of time, frustration, and ultimately expense…then…the best option for developing a site most effectively…with allrepparttar 136676 SEO pressure taken off you…(becauserepparttar 136677 bulk ofrepparttar 136678 work is done for you)…is by building your site using a company that truly offers a comprehensive package of : hosting, support, guidance, and website building and optimisation tools ….It even includes your domain name inrepparttar 136679 deal…pick it, register it, and move one step closer to having a great effective website…today!

If you are still sceptical about a deal like this or want to review previously published articles and tips, before you jump intorepparttar 136680 rapidly expanding world of web publishing, then take a look at our ‘blog’ for more evidence at NET PROFIT! And we hope you too will be on your way to making your own ‘Net profit, real soon.

Al Smith and Ruth Ramos,

Al Smith and Ruth Ramos publish They may also be contacted through the blog or via the travel site,, which may already be the best Dominican Republic tourist information resource on the ‘Net. Announces First Annual Girl-A-Thong

Written by Greg Jones

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An online magazine and galleries were also added, as well as other features to keep new visitor's as well as old regular's interest.

"Atrepparttar time Mark was quite impressed with our customer retention and loyalty," said Jen. "I think he was surprised to see how community-likerepparttar 136619 gang of them were -repparttar 136620 girls andrepparttar 136621 guys. I think his big heart got a little bigger, if you know what I mean, and he ended up promising a 12-hour all-naked girl orgy."

However as rebounded fromrepparttar 136622 cyber attacks, dealt withrepparttar 136623 legal side ofrepparttar 136624 issue, as well as furbished its daily operations and expanded its sales volume, Prince and Jen consulted withrepparttar 136625 chat hostesses and managed to come up withrepparttar 136626 Girl-A-Thong concept.

"Now it's a five-hour girl party," Jen says. "Completely free real time video chat with our most popular and enduring chat-hostesses, some special guests, all with sound and covered by two cameras."

Indeed,repparttar 136627 post inrepparttar 136628 LCN BBS enjoins one and all to joinrepparttar 136629 girls for "a few beers, a few vodkas, a few bodyshots... special party-games and much more."

The Girl-A-Thon will debut Wednesday May 4th at 8:00 pm EST.

The site's webmaster affiliate sign-up is at .


Jones is Media & Communications manager at and will be a speaker at the Webmaster Access East "Content Is King" seminar, Saturday May 7th 2005 at 12:30 pm (EST).

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