Steven Johnson Syndrome Symptoms

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These are dangerous because they lead to:

severe pain increased chance of infection since protective skin dies and sloughs off inability to eat or drink sloughing of lung tissue creates breathing problems and these can lead to death in many cases

If you find that you have Stevens Johnson Syndromerepparttar in addition to seeking medical attention you may be able to pursue a lawsuit againstrepparttar 148824 drug manufacturing company. You can pursue this suit if your SJS is not caused by a bacterial infection and if you can trace your SJS torepparttar 148825 use of a particular drug. The benefits of a class action suit are:

increased chance of success strength in numbers less expensive to file (cost is spread amongstrepparttar 148826 group) however,repparttar 148827 settlement will be split between more people which means less money forrepparttar 148828 individual

The benefits of a individual suit are:

larger settlement figure if you win strong cases are likely to win withoutrepparttar 148829 assistance of other claimants however,repparttar 148830 entire cost of filing suit is onrepparttar 148831 individual and there is a greater chance of failure GA

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Car Wreck Lawyer Says: Get Help

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Ifrepparttar defendant driver was not just negligent but reckless, then they may have to pay more. Reckless driving includes speeding, excessive lane changing, not signaling intent to change lanes, changing lanes when there is no safe way to move, passing on an emergency lane orrepparttar 148823 shoulder, and drunk driving. Drunk driving cases are especially horrifying. An accident lawyer will tell you if you should file suit not just againstrepparttar 148824 drunk driver but alsorepparttar 148825 server or business that gaverepparttar 148826 driver so much alcohol.

There are special cases which are caused by a defect inrepparttar 148827 car of a driver. If a defective product causedrepparttar 148828 accident, thenrepparttar 148829 manufacturer is responsible forrepparttar 148830 negligence. GA

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