Step Out Of The Box For Increased Sales…

Written by Sonya Meyers

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Arrive at your speaking engagement prepared to offer valuable information thatrepparttar audience will be able to benefit and utilize immediately. Don't make your presentation a glorified sales presentation for whatever it is your selling. However, do make sure that all of your handouts include your URL boldly and clearly.

3. Take your newsletter offline. Everyone online has a newsletter these days and competition to get read is fierce. The best way to garner attention in this new medium is to do repparttar 124477 unexpected. Instead of just utilizing email utilize real mail. It doesn't have to be monthly as it will incur an expense, but three to four times a year will make a significant enough impact to impress your clients and prospects and get you noticed.

An offline newsletter can be simple in presentation but it must be clean, crisp, and professional orrepparttar 124478 image will kill your business reputation. Remember that online it's easy to look likerepparttar 124479 big guys, but offline it gets a bit trickier. Take repparttar 124480 time to hirerepparttar 124481 talents of a professional designer to set up a template for you that you can use over and over. The expense will be worth that professional look while not being continual.

It isrepparttar 124482 most creative that will lead in today's economy, so step out ofrepparttar 124483 Internet to get a clear view of allrepparttar 124484 opportunities available for you and your business. Once you begin sparking that creativity you will soon find that it can't be reigned in and an increase in profits will be just a new idea away.

Sonya Meyers is CEO of the Subscription Website Publishers Association located at SWEPA offers it's members everything they need to run a dynamic and successful subscription website. Visit today.

Benefiting From Fourth Quarter Publicity

Written by Todd F. Brabender

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HOLIDAY PUBLICITY OPPORTUNITIES If your product/business lends itself to increased holiday sales,repparttar next several weeks are a perfect time to get a product publicity campaign launched - givenrepparttar 124476 right media targets. Although many holiday issues have already been laid out for magazines, many other media outlets are feverishly seeking information/pitches on innovative stories forrepparttar 124477 holidays. Some media outlets even reorganize or beef up staff towardrepparttar 124478 end ofrepparttar 124479 year to allow for an increase in stories on products. Have your publicist help you take advantage of this increased media opportunity.

I have in fact had media outlets respond to our media release literally minutes after pitching it. Conversely, one media outlet responded to one of our releases 17 months after a pitch. (I had to askrepparttar 124480 reporter whatrepparttar 124481 YEAR was onrepparttar 124482 release!) You can definitely increaserepparttar 124483 odds with some hard work and effective media relations. That's why timing of your publicity pitch is so critical. Have your publicist get your pitch torepparttar 124484 media, allowrepparttar 124485 editorial staff to digest it a bit, and strategically and professionally "rattlerepparttar 124486 cage" overrepparttar 124487 next several weeks to generate as many placements as possible.

What we are trying to do is plant seeds in media outlets' editorial garden so they will bear fruit -- inrepparttar 124488 form of articles/show placements -- continuously overrepparttar 124489 next several weeks and months. Likerepparttar 124490 plant that comes from a seed, publicity placements can also grow roots and lead to other arterial media placements in other media outlets. Givenrepparttar 124491 right tending,repparttar 124492 publicity seeds you plant overrepparttar 124493 next few weeks will indeed germinate and you'll reap a wonderful harvest for your business now and intorepparttar 124494 first quarter of next year.

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