Stealth Selling and Online Marketing

Written by George Papazoglou

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Eventually, more ideas will "pop-up" out ofrepparttar sudden aboutrepparttar 102464 entire, step-by-step "stealth selling strategy".

The company you'll be targeting must have a marketing plan, which you can capitalize forrepparttar 102465 "brainstorming idea- generation process".

Step #4: Develop a "Solution Web Site"


All you have to do, after you religiously followedrepparttar 102466 previous steps, is to create a web site, that is:

A) Rich in content (no sales pitches).

B) Offers a free newsletter. >>> For a mailing-list system, go to:

C) Expresses and Solves Problems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can entirely promote your affiliate programs using an autoresponder, or your newsletter - only. Don't confuse your visitors withrepparttar 102467 flea-market syndrome!

Hint: People tend to trust more authors who understand their problems and ease their lives with accurate solutions. Copywriters also inheritrepparttar 102468 prospects' buying behavior to craft alluring sales messages.

Step #5: Promote your Web Site, Like ClockWork!

Implement in your marketing mix search engines, newsletter ads, press releases (journalists adore Solution Providers!), strategic joint ventures, free ebooks, republishing rights, offline advertising (crucial that is) and every marketing method you feel comfortable with.

The entire conceptual is to present your online business as a Humanistic-Centered Solution Provider, not another hard-selling vendor.

This methodology is exemplified as "Stealth Selling", or "Under-the-radar selling".

~~ Laugh On Your Way torepparttar 102469 Bank! ~~

Atrepparttar 102470 time your prospective visitors identify with your beliefs and appreciate your solutions, online selling becomes an enjoyable occassion.

As you become entrenched in this methodology and entire marketing conceptual, watch your mailing list getting flooded with "red-hot" / fanatical prospects, who'd love to conducting business with you and, oh,eliminate your competition... automatically.

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Qualifying Yourself as a Reliable Vendor

Written by Clay Mabbitt

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A classic example of this type of qualification is media coverage. You'll see a huge jump in traffic and your conversion ratio of visitors to customers if you're mentioned in an article that appears in a magazine, newspaper, or online news site with a large audience. Craft a newsworthy press release and distribute it to as many media outlets as you can. Professional distribution services can be expensive, often as high as several hundred dollars, butrepparttar potential payoff is enormous.

You can also make it easy for potential customers to learn about your products on their own by creating a newsletter with valuable content. The more times a potential customer sees your name,repparttar 102463 stronger their confidence grows that you're not a fly by night operation that's going to take their money and run. If you consistently put out a readable newsletter, your subscribers will come to view you as a trusted voice in your field.

Articles such as this one are also a good means of establishing you understand your product andrepparttar 102464 needs of your target market. Imagine you're interested in buying a briefcase. You read an article explaining how a briefcase can protect important documents, create a professional image that gives people confidence in you, and turn any table at which you sit into a mobile office. All other things being equal, aren't you more likely to buy a briefcase fromrepparttar 102465 link atrepparttar 102466 bottom of that article thanrepparttar 102467 link on a page by itself that says "briefcases for sale"?

So before deciding to look forrepparttar 102468 advertising method that will give yourepparttar 102469 biggest head count atrepparttar 102470 lowest cost, consider methods that qualify you as a reliable vendor that helps your customer make informed purchases. It might berepparttar 102471 best way to keep your customers coming back for more.

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