Staying safe from crime

Written by Scott Shaper

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Another thing you can do is learn about criminal behavior.  They are studying you, so why don't you study them.  Understanding how criminals think and what they look for is an excellent way that you can avoid them.  I wrote an article titled "Six Common Criminal Types and How to avoid them " which, is a short but interesting look atrepparttar different types of criminals and what they look for.  Of course my book covers this in more detail butrepparttar 145387 article is a good start. 

Finally there is an easy little trick that very few people know about or do.  I call it "Mental Role Playing.  " What is mental role playing? It is imagining an event and playing out in your mind how you would handle it.  For example say you are concerned about what you would do if someone entered your home.  Well play that scenario out in your mind.  Think about what this person looks like, how many there are, what time of day or night it is, who is home with you, make it as detailed as possible.  Then think through, what you would do, how would you handle it.  In my book I cover mental role playing more in depth.  However this should give you a good idea of what I am talking about. 

Of course there are other things you can do.  However to cover all that would be much longer than an article it would be more like a book.  And, that is exactly what I have written.  You can check it out, along with all my articles at

Scott Shaper is former Police Officer and the author of the book Crime Awareness 101. He has also written numerous articles about crime / crime prevention. His website can be found at

What about the other 48% people?

Written by Anand Sharma

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Our concerned health minister has taken to banningrepparttar portrayal of smoking in films, by reading a study inrepparttar 145100 popular medical journal, Lancet, which says 52% children take to smoking after being influenced by movie stars. Mr. Ramdoss, donít you care aboutrepparttar 145101 other 48% of people. I hope you do. And if you donít want my hope to die, banrepparttar 145102 whole tobacco industry and show that our ministers can be very mature. I am a 17 year old outspoken indian who loves to make a point.

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