Staying Toned After Weight Loss

Written by Michael Lewis

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You can lose weight without exercise, but... -------------------------------------------- It is important to note that you can lose weight without exercise by modifying your diet. People lose weight allrepparttar time without exercise by reducing caloric intake. In fact, in virtually all studies of weight loss, people who diet ALWAYS lose more weight than people who exercise. If you ask those same people to diet AND exercise, they lose a little more weight thanrepparttar 137019 dieters alone, but not that much. Why is this? This is due to muscle weights more than fat. With more muscle mass, your body will turn to fat as its energy source and burnrepparttar 137020 fat for energy. As a pound of fat can be five timesrepparttar 137021 size of a pound of muscle, you can keeprepparttar 137022 same weight, yet look trimmer and healthier, as lean muscle gives you a sleek, toned physique.

People who are most active are most successful ---------------------------------------------- In virtually every study of weight maintenance,repparttar 137023 people who are most active are most successful in maintaining weight loss. Most scientists agree that exercise isrepparttar 137024 single best predictor of weight maintenance success.

Sorepparttar 137025 bottom line is to burn more calories than you consume, by either reducing your caloric intake, and then increasing your activity as you lose weight so byrepparttar 137026 time you get to your goal weight you can keep it off because you are active.

One final point: Aerobic and resistance exercise are also both very important for health. In fact, you can be healthy and fit if you exercise independent of body weight. In one very important study, overweight, fit people were healthier and lived longer than lean, unfit people. That's a very important point because weight loss can be slow, frustrating, and not everyone gets to an "ideal" weight. So keep uprepparttar 137027 exercise, watch your caloric intake, and results will follow.

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You'll Need Total Will Power To Undergo Weight Loss

Written by Charlene J. Nuble

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To start off, know what sort of food that makes you weak inrepparttar knees. Most men likes anything fried or offrepparttar 136970 grill or spit so start off by taking in less of those foods. Women tend to go after anything savory or even exotic sorepparttar 136971 rules apply to them as well. Junk foods like burgers, fries, and pizza are often labeled as weight loss program destroyers. They are addictive and loaded with sodium, fats, and cholesterol. Just because they are labeled asrepparttar 136972 'bad guys' it does not mean that we have to deprave ourselves from indulging with such foods. Every time you take a nibble out of a French fry, just go for a little positive thinking and tell yourself, "a little bit is all I need to get going".

Weight loss is all aboutrepparttar 136973 discipline of self will, whether it is all about food intake orrepparttar 136974 hours of exercise you can dish out. Life is good enough to give usrepparttar 136975 bounties of food so weight loss should not put a damper in our taste buds. We should make an effort to placerepparttar 136976 word 'enjoyment' in weight loss because we know what we like to eat, only not too much.

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