Staying Professionally Chic In The Heat

Written by Eileen Hammel

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Make - Up Opt for a lighter make-up routine. Heavy make-up in high heat can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Before applying your makeup rub an ice cube over your face. It will help makeup last longer and prevent smudging. Use waterproof cosmetics. After applying your makeup brush your face with face powder it will set your makeup and prevent shine. Hair Wear your hair in a simple flattering yet professional style. Hair grows faster in warmer months so be sure to have your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. With hot weather comes limp and frizzy hair. To correct this problem use only hair products designed specifically to treat your hair type and problem. If you pull your hair back be sure to use only quality accessories. Avoid using plastic clips and rubber bands they will detract from your professional image

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Can You Imagine A Beautiful Life?

Written by Nancy Hill

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Some ofrepparttar time and money we spend trying to look like those actresses and models could be much better spent living a great life. There is a sadness inrepparttar 149761 desperate quest for beauty. It's unsettling to see celebrities starving themselves into emaciated bodies. How much more graceful it is to acceptrepparttar 149762 wonderful bodies we were born with and put our life energies and money into making a meaningful contribution torepparttar 149763 world around us.

We each have much more to give than just trying to achieve a cultural beauty standard. You are beautiful right now, exactly as you are.

Take your life back fromrepparttar 149764 media machine. You are more thanrepparttar 149765 "look" you present torepparttar 149766 world. Inside each one of us live hopes, dreams, talents, andrepparttar 149767 potential for a joyful, rich life. Life goes by fast. Make it a wonderful experience instead of a quest for unattainable beauty and thinness.

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