Staying Focused While Building Your Internet Marketing Business

Written by Robert Attieh

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1. Stay Focused on Staying Focused …. Well how do you do that? 2. Practice Time Management. Determine how long you are going to work on your business (I did say your business and not just onrepparttar computer) per day and week. Actually map this out. Per day what is your commitment, not only hours but when. Time is a very valuable commodity, plan to use it wisely. 3. Set your business goals: - Make sure thay are written. If they are not then they are just dreams. - Be Specific – What is it exactly you are working for? - Measurable – I would like to make $X per week. - Timing – I would like to be making $X per week by x/x/200x

“Whateverrepparttar 149537 mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” Napoleon Hill 4. Unsubscribe to all those business opportunity e-mails and newsletters, you don’t have time to read them anyway, it’s time to start your internet marketing business. If there are some that are offering you sound advice, even though they are trying to sell you something then be selective and pick one or two based on some feedback that you can trust.

5. Stop surfing those traffic exchange programs looking for business ideas and opportunities, it is now time to put yours up. And change your focus on what you enter inrepparttar 149538 google search to what’s going to help you with your business.

6. Find a support system, a team or a forum of like minded individuals that will help you reach your goals. There are a lot of valuable resources out there.

7. Celebraterepparttar 149539 small wins. Success does not happen over night. When you celebrate these small wins you will feel good about what you are doing and will help you to focus onrepparttar 149540 next win.

8. Don’t procrastinate, this can cause you to be idle and get caught up inrepparttar 149541 mess ofrepparttar 149542 internet bombs again. And remember to prioritize what you want to accomplish.

9. Really learn what it is that can distract you from what you need to get done and learn how to just say NO and stay away.

10. And most of all believe in yourself and what you are doing. Focus on how you can benefit others by offering them your product or service. When you really believe in yourself and your product or service there is no reason to get distracted by things that will keep you away from what you need to get done.

So there you have it, you now know thatrepparttar 149543 internet bombs may come your way but you now know at least a few tip to avoiding them. Follow these simple points and you will now know that you are in control of your own business.

What ever form of internet marketing you have decided to get involved with, have fun, have focus, have balance and don’t let anything get in your way of success.

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Written by Robert Attieh

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Robert Attieh is fairly new at internet marketing but because of programs like Veretekk and the people he is working with, he is experiencing tremendous success. Visit his websites at:

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