Stay at Home Mom you need to raise cowboys...

Written by Daviyd Peterson

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A short look at ultrawideband, it made up of very short low power pulses that could one day move a DVD's worth of info aroundrepparttar home in seconds, yes seconds. As soon asrepparttar 138164 kinks are worked out most ofrepparttar 138165 cables in your home could be use for jump-rope asrepparttar 138166 cable box sends new to your tv,repparttar 138167 dvd player sends movies torepparttar 138168 PC without wires.

This might look like pie inrepparttar 138169 sky to a stay at home mom homeschooling her children, but when you enable them withrepparttar 138170 right technologyrepparttar 138171 sky isrepparttar 138172 limit. Just focus onrepparttar 138173 fact that your cowboy or cowgirl could help bring aboutrepparttar 138174 ability to freely roam between Wi-Fi and cellular networks with only one bill to look at each month.

Just that one bill alone should motivate us to get our children up and running inrepparttar 138175 right digital cowboys and cowgirls.

Want to keep up with wireless things for homeschoolers, stay at home moms and such...stay ahead ofrepparttar 138176 Joneses

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How to Save Money While at College?

Written by A Khan

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Food Instead of buying a pop, fromrepparttar local vending machine why not just buy a case of 24 to store at your locker or dorm room. You will be amazed at how much you will save when you buy in bulk. Another way of saving on food is to visit your friend’s fridge on a daily basis and when ever possible try to attend to any free food locations (parties, club meetings…etc) on campus.

Clothing Instead of buying those brand new “check marked” shoes, why not save your money for something that you will really need in college (laptop, books, contraceptives). Try to visitrepparttar 138071 local thrift store and check Ebay on a daily basis, you will be amazed at how many $1 t-shirts are out there.

Printing & Photocopying Many students save money on printing and photocopying byrepparttar 138072 use of a scanner. The student simply scans what he/she needs and emailsrepparttar 138073 scanned file back to him/her self. Not only will you save money, but will also have an electronic copy ofrepparttar 138074 file which you could later download to your laptop or pda. If you really must print then try not to userepparttar 138075 school printing services. Most ofrepparttar 138076 time these services will cost you an extra 5-10¢ per page, cents which could go towardsrepparttar 138077 purchase of a new ink cartridge.

Money Instead of using a credit card, why not only keep cash in your wallet/purse. Not only does this give an exact measure of how much cash you have at hand, and can spend, but will also avoid you from living above your means. Apart from that you could also try finding a part time job on campus, not only will you get some extra cash but will also gain some valuable experience that you can put on your resume.

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