Stay Home Moms Earn A Living!

Written by BB Lee

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Of course she will want to have her hair and nails done to maintain her professional appearance. Costing a grand total of $2,000 per year. Reducing her profit margin to 6,600.

Oh, and don't forgetrepparttar little expenses that add up like, lunches, snacks, office parties, magazines to read onrepparttar 117820 train, and other expenditures that accumulate with working outsiderepparttar 117821 home. This can add up to an additional $3,000 easily. Sandy is now at a $3,300 profit margin.

All right, now there's transportation. Sandy commutes by rail 5 times per week. This totals close to $1200 dollars per year. Our profit margin is now $2,200!

Think about it! That breaks down to approximately an extra $183 per month after expenses. Sandy soon realized she could start an in home business that would have a higher profit margin than her once highly coveted 9 to 5 second income.

Sandy decided to start a day care center. Sandy cares for two other children along with her son. Her expenses are less, since she doesn't have to commute. She doesnt have to spend money on a business wardrobe orrepparttar 117822 latest hairstyle. Plus, she gets to spend allrepparttar 117823 time inrepparttar 117824 world with her son duringrepparttar 117825 most important formative stages of his life!

Think about it! Are you in similar situation like Sandy. Maybe, that secondary income working outsiderepparttar 117826 home is notrepparttar 117827 answer to your financial woes, but starting an in home business is!

BB Lee is Editor/Publisher of SmallBizBits Newsletter

What Are YOU Doing to Keep Your Customers?

Written by Angela Wu

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Automate responses where appropriate. For example, use an autoresponder to distribute free reports or download links. This is far preferable to forcing your customer to wait several days for a manual email from you. Automation is a good choice for anything that does not require a personalized response. It frees up your time (time that can be better spent elsewhere) and it gives your customer instant service.

Create or find bonuses that you can give away to your customers. Bundle them with a subscription to your newsletter, a product purchase, or even offer them as a 'surprise gift'.

Show appreciation. For example, offer repeat customers a 'loyalty discount'.

Remember that words can easily be misinterpreted in an email. Choose carefully.

*Listen*. Encourage your visitors to write to you with suggestions. Criticism may not berepparttar nicest thing to hear, but it can give you insight into areas of your business that may need improvement. Give your customers what they want and they'll be more likely to return.

The success of a business depends in large part onrepparttar 117819 satisfaction of its clients. Not only can happy customers refer others to you, but they are much more likely to return for future purchases. A little extra attention can go a long ways. Isn't it worth it?

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, an exclusive newsletter for eBusiness beginners. You don't need a million- dollar budget to be successful! Find out how you too can join the thousands quietly earning a living online:

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