Starting and Running a Home Based Business

Written by Darrell Knox

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The key to true wealth is to ownrepparttar business, not work for it. A home based business owner isrepparttar 116921 top dog in their small company. That means any windfalls a new product or service you create or resell belong to you! That also means allrepparttar 116922 overhead and other expenses belong to you too. Withrepparttar 116923 power of a home based business comesrepparttar 116924 responsibility too.

This is why you should thoroughly research a home based business opportunity to make sure you have allrepparttar 116925 bases covered and you are approaching working for yourself in a responsible manner.

Below are a couple of home based businesses that are very profitable and hot right now:

Virtual Assistant: A person that hires their time out to busy executives to complete various tasks like appointment setting and other things busy power brokers don't have time to do. Executives like doing this because they can hire a virtual assistant for short-term projects and not have to pay for insurance or any overhead sincerepparttar 116926 VA is a private contractor.

Information Sales: This is what I do and I love it. I am an affiliate for several top-selling products that people want and buy everyday. My job is to promote my website and recommend products to my visitors. With a little training and guidance from people I have met online, this kind of home base business is a snap and can be very profitable.

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Tips to Avoid Online Auction Fraud

Written by John Lynch

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4) Use an Escrow Service

For higher priced items you should consider an escrow service. An escrow service acts as a middleman betweenrepparttar buyer andrepparttar 116920 seller to ensure a fair transaction.

The escrow service holdsrepparttar 116921 item andrepparttar 116922 money untilrepparttar 116923 buyer has inspected and approvedrepparttar 116924 goods. Only then does it releaserepparttar 116925 money torepparttar 116926 seller.

The only downside is that it will costrepparttar 116927 buyer extra to use this service. However, it is something to bear in mind when buying more expensive items.

5) Complaints/ Fraud Protection

Most online auction sites have a complaints' procedure. For example,if you're unhappy withrepparttar 116928 goods or you have not received them, Ebay operates a fraud protection program. For more information go to :

FlipShark has a useful site on internet auction scams.

The US Federal Trade Commission has a useful guide for buyers and sellers on internet auctions which has relevance to other countries.

To sum up, most buyers and sellers on internet auction sites are honest. However, if you userepparttar 116929 above tips, you should not fall victim to auction fraud.

2003 John Lynch

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