Starting an eBay home business

Written by Murray Hughes

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•Where in eBay will I list my products?  The only way to know what will work best for your product is testing. I tend to list my products in several different categories, with different listing options to test which works best for that product.

•What will I say in my ad?  Most importantly, use keywords in your title that people looking for your product will use when searching, combine keyword phrases where possible. Always include photos and be very descriptive inrepparttar content of your listing. If there is a problem withrepparttar 143976 product, say so.

•What starting bid should I choose?  Some people sayrepparttar 143977 starting bid should berepparttar 143978 zero point, that is,repparttar 143979 price at which you break even. That way you can’t lose money (unless no one bids). Other people say you should setrepparttar 143980 starting bid low to stimulate bidding. Experience and testing will providerepparttar 143981 answer.

•How will I process payments?  Most payments are processed by Paypal. Unless you have specific requirements, just use Paypal until you getrepparttar 143982 hang of things.

•How will I getrepparttar 143983 product torepparttar 143984 buyer?  If you use a drop-shipper, they will sendrepparttar 143985 product. If you stockrepparttar 143986 product, go torepparttar 143987 post office or use your preferred shipping method and send ASAP.

Some additional points:

•Always follow eBay rules or you’ll just create problems for yourself. •Always askrepparttar 143988 winning bidder for POSITIVE feedback. •Always keep learning how to improve your eBay business.

I’m by no means an expert at eBay, having only recently begun using it as an extra revenue source.

The 2 best resources I know of are: and

..notice neither of those links are affiliate links. I’m recommending them because they are good, not because I’ll make money.

Inrepparttar 143989 next issue we will be taking a closer look at resell rights and how you can sell someone else’s product and still collect 100% ofrepparttar 143990 profit… yes it’s possible and I’ll show you how.

Until next time, remember persistence pays off – BIG TIME. Your Friend Murray Hughes 007 Work From Home

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Starting an Errand Service

Written by Jose Valdez

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If you are thinking of transporting people (including children), this typically requires a proper license.

Marketing Your Business Once you have your first regular customer,repparttar best marketing is positive word of mouth. You will want to always have your business cards available. A good idea is to advertise to business professionals that are in your area and stressrepparttar 143936 benefit ofrepparttar 143937 time saved by using your service.

You will need to knowrepparttar 143938 area that you will serving well and most importantly you are going to need to have good interpersonal skills and keep confidential with regard to your customers' business.

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