Starting an Ezine from Scratch

Written by Brandy Bonnett

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articles for other newsletters and include a promotion of your newsletter atrepparttar bottom ofrepparttar 124414 article. Many editors accept article submissions from writers who are knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 124415 subject matter of their newsletter. You can writerepparttar 124416 editor individually and ask if they accept articles or you can go to an article submission sites. A few ofrepparttar 124417 better article submission sites are listed below.

The next step to starting an ezine is getting a listserver. This tool allows you to easily add contact to your list and send messages to hundreds or thousands of people at once. Many free listservers including topica and yahoo groups exist onrepparttar 124418 web. However, it may be to your advantage to pay for a more advanced listserver with no advertisements.

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"Things Ezine Publishers Wished Their Subscribers Knew"

Written by June Campbell

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b. When sending an unsubscribe request, you MUST userepparttar same email address that you used when you subscribed. If you subscribe to an ezine with your address, then send an unsubscribe while your email software is set to your address,repparttar 124413 publisher will not find that address inrepparttar 124414 list and will not be able to unsubscribe you.

c. If you are subscribed using 2 or more addresses, you will receive 2 or more copies ofrepparttar 124415 ezine. The publisher and his technology do not understand that both addresses belong to you. If you want to unsubscribe totally, you will need to unsubscribe using both addresses. If you remove only one,repparttar 124416 ezine will continue to be sent torepparttar 124417 other.

4. They Asked for my Name when I Subscribed. The subscribe form asks for your name and your email address. You suspect they are planning to use your name for some nefarious purpose.

Wrong. The publisher is personalizingrepparttar 124418 email that she sends. Most subscribers like receiving personalized messages instead of generic ones. If you fill inrepparttar 124419 form with a bogus name such as AABBCC, when your ezine arrives, it will say "Dear AABBCC", instead of "Dear Mary.'

5. I Didn't Subscribe. I've Been Spammed! Are you sure? It's not uncommon for people to forget they have subscribed to an ezine and decide it is spam. Of perhaps your kid had a good time subscribing to every ezine she found onrepparttar 124420 web. Many publishers use various means to verify and confirm subscribers. A false accusation of spam can prove embarrassing ifrepparttar 124421 publisher can produce mail logs or IP addresses demonstrating that someone did indeed subscribe from your computer. It also happens occasionally that a friend or enemy subscribes people without letting them know. That's not your fault, but it's notrepparttar 124422 publisher's fault either.

Now you understand how things work, get ready to enjoyrepparttar 124423 newsletters that you want!

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