Starting a Web Hosting Business, part 1

Written by Dave Summits

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Reseller plan:

A reseller plan isrepparttar cheapest way to start your hosting business, but withrepparttar 139313 most limitations. If you donít have much money to invest, Iíd recommend getting a reseller plan from a reputable provider. Donít go withrepparttar 139314 company with providesrepparttar 139315 most forrepparttar 139316 lowest price, because they are simply overselling and crowding their servers, and you will pay for it in overall performance.


VPS is an abbreviation for virtual private server. Usually, a reseller plan is more cost effective, but a VPS gives you more freedom. You can install your own software on it, and other users canít slow downrepparttar 139317 performance. One strong advantage is that you can sell reseller plans to your customers.

Dedicated server:

A dedicated server isrepparttar 139318 most cost effective (what you get vs. what you pay for,) and offersrepparttar 139319 most flexibility, but costsrepparttar 139320 most. You also need to consider management costs if you cannot manage it yourself. You can sell reseller plans, which is another big advantage, as well. Pricing starts at about $150 for a server that is suitable for hosting websites. You can get servers for less, but I wouldnít recommend them for hosting websites, as they arenít powerful enough. Dedicated servers arenít alwaysrepparttar 139321 best for start-ups, unless you have some money to invest.

Choosing how you will be hosting your clients is an important step that I recommend looking carefully at.

Once you know how you will be hosting your clients, you will need to look at support. Are you going to be running it by yourself, running it with a partner, with employees, or are you going to outsource?If you are running it all by yourself, you will need to dedicate a lot of time into answering your support tickets, which can very time consuming. If you have a partner, you can both answer support tickets, which results in faster result times for your clients. You could also hire employees to deal with sales and support tickets, but you will need to haverepparttar 139322 money to hire. Another popular solution is to outsource your support. There are companies that you can pay per-ticket, per-client, or per-server. This is popular for growing companies who donít haverepparttar 139323 money to hire their own employees.

Now, weíre going to look at customer management. There are quite a few programs out there that can be used to accomplish this. You want to find a program that handles customer signup and billing. Three ofrepparttar 139324 popular ones are ClientExec, ModernBill, and WHMAutoPilot. These are scripts that you install and run off of your server. None of these are free, but there are different ways you can pay for them. You can buy an owned license, where you pay for it all at once, or a leased license, where you pay for it monthly.

That wraps up part 1 of Starting a Web Hosting Business. In part 2, we will cover advertising and marketing your new company.

Dave Summits writes aricles for Web Hosting Insider and runs a daily updated hosting blog, Hosting Insider.

SimpleHost Web Hosting

Written by Ratliff J

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We may focus on making web hosting simple for our clients, butrepparttar technology behindrepparttar 139284 scenes is definately not simple. Our network is maintained by redundant OC-3/OC12 backbones and state ofrepparttar 139285 art equipment. Our servers runrepparttar 139286 Unix/Linux operating system for unsurpassed performance and reliability. All of our equipment is kept in our data network facility and monitored by our advanced alert system. We are notified of problems within seconds and are able to respond immediately to take corrective actions. As a result, we are able to provide a 99.9% uptime.

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