Starting Your Own Redecorating Business: The first key steps.

Written by Julie Dana

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These are government-operated programs focusing on helping small businesses get started and flourish. They will help you make a business plan and budget – very critical steps. Nowrepparttar best part is that appointments are usually free. Ask them to send you a kit on how to start your business because each state may be different in where to file legal papers. The SBDC will help you withrepparttar 143017 easiest order of steps such opening a commercial bank account, where to file your business name, getting listed inrepparttar 143018 yellow pages, etc. Findrepparttar 143019 SBDC near you by going to 3. Take a training program

Nowrepparttar 143020 first two steps have not cost you too much butrepparttar 143021 third step will. I highly recommend that you take a hands-on professional redecorating training program. Yes, I know that they are a lot of money (can be 2 to 3 thousand forrepparttar 143022 week) but I would not even think about going into this business without a strong background in not just what makes a house looks good, but how to market this niche area, how to work with clients (like how to tell a client thatrepparttar 143023 lime green carpet and moose head have to go) In your favorite search engine type inrepparttar 143024 phrase “Interior Redesign training” or “ Home Staging training” When I tookrepparttar 143025 training programs I was mental and physically exhausted atrepparttar 143026 end ofrepparttar 143027 week, I felt it was well worthrepparttar 143028 money. I still refer to my training manuals and network with my creative classmates. Just like any other consumer purchase, be sure to researchrepparttar 143029 company and check references. (There are people who claim you can download their book and start a thriving redecorating business. I do not recommend that method)

My biggest advice is that decorating may be your passion but you need to treat it like a business to get paid for it. Once you get paid for it then, believe me, you will love to decorate even more!

Julie Dana is a professional Interior Redesigner and Accredited Staging Professional. Her company, The Home Stylist, offers online decorating consultations, do-it-yourself decorating plans and real-estate staging. Visit to take a fun style quiz, vote on a color poll, and sign up for free decorating e-newsletter.

How to Profit from Creative Home Businesses

Written by Randy Wilson

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If you love to paint, get your paintings to a local art gallery that focuses on local artists. Your creative home business can get a turbo charge this way. Good art galleries are always onrepparttar lookout for fresh, new talent and are willing to have shows where you can sell your paintings. Another idea for selling your paintings (that not a lot of artists think of!) is through interior decorators. They, too, are always looking for unique art for their clients’ homes and apartments. So arrange to show some of them your work and you’ll likely make several sales immediately.

Now that you hopefully have your own creative business idea, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • What supplies and/or equipment do I need?
  • Should I hire an accountant?
  • Do I haverepparttar 142908 space I need in my home?
  • Does my area/state require me to get a business license?
  • How do I prepare for tax time?
  • Is there a market for my items?
  • What’s my competition doing?
  • How do I advertise?

After you’ve donerepparttar 142909 needed research, write out a business plan. And then follow it. You can’t make a wedding gown without a pattern or plan. You can’t build a business without one either. But with a good business plan, effort, determination, and patience, you CAN haverepparttar 142910 successful creative home business you’ve always dreamed of having.

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