Starting A Home Based Business Requires The Proper Mindset

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Kirk Bannerman

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There are a tremendous number of home business and work at home opportunities offered onrepparttar Internet. Many of these are all hype and try to convince you that it doesn't take any effort and that you will be making huge amounts of money in very little time (you know, stuff like..."you will be making $5,000 per week, and more, in just a few weeks!"). You should avoid these so called "opportunities" likerepparttar 150959 plague...if they were for real everyone would be doing it.

Studyrepparttar 150960 opportunities carefully and selectrepparttar 150961 home business opportunity that seems to fit your own particular style or talents. What is a good choice for one person may be a very poor fit for someone else. The common thread that applies to everyone is that you must be "for real" (as indicated above) andrepparttar 150962 business opportunity itself must be "for real".

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Monitor Your Visibility in Google, MSN, and Yahoo with these DIY SEO Tools

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

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Discovering Your Site’s Status on MSN

Asrepparttar page inrepparttar 150924 help section states, you can use to find out if a document at your site has been indexed. The results page will also give yourepparttar 150925 date of last caching.

Google Rankings

You’ll need a free Google API key for this one, andrepparttar 150926 site hasrepparttar 150927 direct link telling you where to get one. You’ll have to enter this key in order to queryrepparttar 150928 site for information on Google.

With Google Rankings, you’ll be able to see where you rank withinrepparttar 150929 top 40-1000 results in Google for a given keyword. I recently noticed that it also displays results for MSN and Yahoo, with links to each search engine.

They also have some other tools that will track your keywords over time, as well as one they callrepparttar 150930 “Ultimate SEO Tool” that will measure your site’s keyword density.

Google Backlinks Checker’s Backlink Checker will measurerepparttar 150931 number of links you have pointing back to your site against competing sites. Handy if you just want a quick comparison of how many links you have versus others, though how much getting more links back will help varies, depending on other factors.

Yahoo Search Rankings

Fromrepparttar 150932 same folks who brought you Google Rankings, using Yahoo Search Rankings, you’ll be able to see where you rank withinrepparttar 150933 top 1000 results in Yahoo for a given keyword. If you just want to see your Yahoo rankings, it’s quite helpful.

You can find more Yahoo tools that userepparttar 150934 Yahoo Web API at their developer’s site : .

Inrepparttar 150935 next part ofrepparttar 150936 article, we’ll take a closer look at other tools that give you more specific information aboutrepparttar 150937 links pointing back to your site, keyword research, and more.

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