Starting A Home Based Business - Are People Really Making Money ?

Written by Cori Sachais Swidorsky

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What keeps me motivated to find out if people really do make money is reading aboutrepparttar ones saying they do and how much they are making. You can check out a list of successful online home based business owners at . Some are successful selling other people's products while others market their own. In my work4yourself newsletter I will talk about what kind of online businesses there are to start and finding a niche market. You can subscribe to my newsletter by going to . I subscribe to a variety ofrepparttar 150732 successful online business owners ezines/newsletters because if they are successful then who better to learn from? I mean if they can do it I can too. So aboutrepparttar 150733 question do people really make money online? People are claiming they are and do. I can't personally answer that question YET. When I can answer it, I will be sure to sharerepparttar 150734 information with you. You can read more articles and get more information on home based businesses at Cori Sachais Swidorsky

I Reside in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Stay at home mom,work at home mom, author and editor of Informing Women Newsletter and owner of Author of Advice from an Ordinary Woman column for the Crescent Hills NewsLetter. Have articles published at , and other various websites.

How to Stay Sane Working at Home!

Written by Michele Miller

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Give yourself a lunch break and try to eat healthy. Itís so easy working from home to walk byrepparttar fridge every thirty minutes and get a snack. Soon your body expects to be fed every couple of hours, just like a newborn. Not a good thing, especially when you start packing onrepparttar 150710 pounds.

Try to get some fresh air every single day. Itís not good to get out ofrepparttar 150711 house only once or twice a week. When you feel mentally happy and healthy, you will be able to stay sane with a home business.

Remember, working at home can be harder than working outsiderepparttar 150712 home. Itís all up to you how your business turns out; itís a lot of responsibility. So, try not to stress yourself unnecessarily.

Use phone time wisely. Enough saidÖ As far as housework goes, and all that other stuff that messes up your work day, I found something that works and may work for you. I get up and get showered and dressed and then I spend about an hour cleaningrepparttar 150713 house. Iím usually ready to sit down and start work around nine, but if itís ten oíclock thatís fine too.

Routine, routine, routine, isrepparttar 150714 key to being successful and staying sane in a home business.

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and is also the author of an e-book about becoming a home-based medical transcriptionist. You can visit her site:

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