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3. Interruptrepparttar negative self-talks and critics.

Your self-talks will not stop and mostly they are negative and criticizing. This is a challenge especially when you are trying and working hard on yourself.

Learn to listen to them. Catch them "inrepparttar 137129 act". Remove, cancel, and delete. Do whatever within your power to fight back.

Itís funny how you could move away from people who criticize you. At times you can even tell them to shut their mouth up and you canít even tell your voices within to leave you alone.

You need to be aware. You must listen. Then when you hear, you could either so gently tellrepparttar 137130 voices to leave you alone.

Or, ifrepparttar 137131 voices are softly whispering, tell them firmly to get out. Consciously now, speak something out loud or within yourself that you are worthy.

However and whatever you say, feed your ears and your mind with encouraging words like "I love myself". Isnít it better than hearing it say over and over again how hopeless you are?

4. Remember and recall successful and positive experiences.

If you really try, you will be able to remember a few of your success. I sat down in a "relaxed mode" and at first have to force myself to think of one experience that I was proud of.

Soon enough, I found out that I had quite a number of beautiful experiences.

- There was a time when I was given 3 promotions in a year.

- I rememberedrepparttar 137132 time when I sat with my friends watchingrepparttar 137133 sun setting onrepparttar 137134 horizon.

- I recalled my first experience snorkeling and seeingrepparttar 137135 beautiful and colorful fishes underrepparttar 137136 sea... in spite of my fear of water.

- The day when I first saw my niece one hour after she was born.

When you can play back these memories and experiences, you will realize that you have had great times many times over.

Why rewind and playrepparttar 137137 sad and dis-empowering movies in your mind? Will it make you feel good?

If not discard them just as easy as throwing photographs that we do not wish to look at.

This is a mindís game. We can decide what to do with our mind.

Richard Bandler stated thatrepparttar 137138 brain is his favorite toy. Letís make that ours too. We have them too donít we?

5. Keep a journal. This can be therapeutic. You can write down what you think and feel.

No one is going to correct your grammar. No one is going to argue about it. This is because no one is going to see it. It is yours.

Why let those words keep voicing out in your head. Write them out. Say what you want to say.

And maybe laugh at some of them when you sit back and read them many months later.

Write down your activities too. How much time did you spend sleeping? What time did you get up?

What wasrepparttar 137139 first thing you saw when you got up? Whom did you meet today and how long did you use your time for socializing?

How many push-ups did you do today?What ideas came to your mind today? What have you learned at work? What can you do to improve your income?

6. Read and listen. When I first started out again, I did not have many friends. My weekends were quiet.There were moments when I dreaded justrepparttar 137140 thought of it.

I did not have many books to read and I did not have much money to buy them. So I spent my time atrepparttar 137141 public library.

Reading motivational and inspiration books helped me especially at those times when I was down and out.

I read and read. It has kept me inspired and my interest in other subjects has broadened.

After a while I started to listen to motivational tapes. I fed my mind. I was determined to make my life work.

7. Pray. When you are down and out, and you think that no one is there for you, think again. Asrepparttar 137142 saying goes, "you are invisibly being watched over".

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Celebrating the ME in MumME

Written by Peggy Porter

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As this Motherís day rolls around, sit back and enjoy every second ofrepparttar love and appreciation bestowed on you. It is a day to relax and reap allrepparttar 137118 rewards of motherhood. When this occasion passes however, make a point to keep that appreciation and love flowing from within you. Atrepparttar 137119 end of your day, recognizerepparttar 137120 contribution you have made. Focus on what you gave to your family, not what you didnít. Value your own self worth as a person and a mother. Honor yourself daily with a few words of encouragement or another act of self-care. Take time for you. Celebraterepparttar 137121 ME in MumME because she certainly is someone to celebrate. Cheers!!!

Peggy Porter is a nurse, Wellness Coach, and author of YumME MumME Makeover-How to Balance Womanhood and Motherhood by Nurturing the Me in MumMe. If you are a Mom and want to start creating a healthier balance in your life, go to and register for Peggy's free monthly teleclass and Ecourse! For more info you can also email or call 506-832-0117.

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