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The Sunrise Period of eu-domains will have two phases: The EU Regulation stipulates thatrepparttar registry must make a sunrise provision at eu-domains to allow those with 'prior rights' to a name to apply for registration of eu-domains in advance of beginning general registrations. The PPR states thatrepparttar 108250 sunrise period (phased registration) of eu-domains will take place in two phases each lasting two months.

During phase one, public bodies and holders of registered Community or national trademarks will be able to register their names.

During phase 2 those who may register in phase 1 may register their eu-domains as well holders of other rights recognised under Community law orrepparttar 108251 national law of an EU member state. Eu-domains registered duringrepparttar 108252 sunrise period must be an exact match forrepparttar 108253 prior right claimed and documentary evidence must be supplied to proofrepparttar 108254 right.

Landrush period: First comes-first serves Some weeks afterrepparttar 108255 Sunrise Period eu-domains goes live and general registrations of eu-domains will begin and registration of eu-domains will be done on a first come first served basis for any eu-domain not taken duringrepparttar 108256 sunrise period.

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Why to register md-domains

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Growth ofrepparttar .md Registry Since becoming operational, there has been significant interest inrepparttar 108249 .md TLD. The wide adoption of .md, prior to launching a formal .md marketing campaign confirmsrepparttar 108250 need and desire for a top level healthcare centric domain. The number of .md registrations continues to grow exponentially with this exposure.

The leading adopters inrepparttar 108251 .md registry are: ·Physicians ·Medical Schools ·Private Practices ·Health Clinics ·Drug Development Companies ·Pharmaceutical Companies ·Health Insurance Companies ·Medical Laboratories

Additionally, Fortune 1000 companies have adopted .md as part of their global brand marketing strategy. These include companies fromrepparttar 108252 following industries: ·Telecom ·Banking and Finance ·Entertainment ·Media ·Consulting ·Automotive ·Travel ·Insurance ·Retail ·Technology

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