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Written by Terry Dashner

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Have you ever heardrepparttar term, pluralism? A pluralist would insist, for example, that Christians view reality one way, whereas Hindus viewrepparttar 143208 same reality in a different manner, and conclude that both views are true. But, both views can’t be accurate. Can a Christian affirmation (evil is real) and an opposing Hindu denial (evil is an illusion) both be right? If one view of evil is true,repparttar 143209 other must necessarily be false; both claims about evil cannot be true and both cannot be false. [Ibid, p. 22]

When someone acknowledges that an intolerant position isrepparttar 143210 opposite ofrepparttar 143211 tolerant one, he thereby establishesrepparttar 143212 credibility ofrepparttar 143213 first principle of all knowledge,repparttar 143214 law of noncontradiction. All thinking (whether about physics or about metaphysics) is alike torepparttar 143215 extent that it is governed by this foundational first principle of logic—the law of noncontradiction. [Ibid, p. 23]

If someone were to say, “There is no such thing as truth, andrepparttar 143216 law of noncontradiction is meaningless,” he has done two things. First, he has assumed that his view is true as opposed to false, and thus he usesrepparttar 143217 law of noncontradiction. Second, he has violatedrepparttar 143218 law of noncontradiction by suggesting that there is no such thing as truth while atrepparttar 143219 same time and inrepparttar 143220 same sense insisting that there is such a thing as truth—the truth of his own view. By doing so, he automatically validatesrepparttar 143221 law of noncontradiction. [Ibid, p. 24]

Three basic beliefs must be assumed to be true for every worldview. First, I really do exist. Second, to think about my existence is to employ reason. Third, my existence and logic can not violaterepparttar 143222 law of noncontradiciton. Stay tuned. This gets clearer.

(This is part one in a series of articles entitled, “Start here…first principles”)

Keeprepparttar 143223 faith. Stayrepparttar 143224 course. Jesus is coming soon and very soon.

Pastor T.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. US Navy veteran, retired police officer, and father of three grown children.

A Celebration of Life

Written by Diana Kennedy, LMT

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Popular author Caroline Myss said, “We evolve at a rate consistent withrepparttar groups we are plugged into energetically.” In order for us to create positive change in a faster more efficient way, we tap intorepparttar 143207 energy of a group. That is one reason why internet communities are really taking off. People want to feel a part of something, and if that group also supports their well-being and mission in life then it’s a win-win for all!

Do you need support in discovering your purpose and encouragement to allow yourself to live a life of passion? What groups are you plugged into that support you? Are you a member of a supportive organization or a mastermind group? In what ways can you reach out to others to support them and allow them to take you higher?

Life a life of celebration! Set your intention now to live more purposefully and passionately. Look around and see what this friendly Universe has in store for you.

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