Start a Medical Transcription At Home Career!

Written by Michele Miller

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Basic bookkeeping is necessary, but not difficult. A good bookkeeper is great to have when it comes to taxes and advising you about saving money with tax deductions for your business.

Medical transcription is usually paid byrepparttar amount of work transcribed. Therefore, it is quite normal to charge your clients byrepparttar 150708 line. If you charge 13 cents per line and type 200 lines per hour, (this is a very comfortable speed to type) your hourly rate would end up being about $26.00.

Being self-employed does have some pitfalls. One must consider, as with any home based business, that once you become self-employed you are responsible for securing your own health insurance, and putting away money for retirement.

However, there are many positive things about being self-employed, as Iím sure you can imagine. For me, what I loverepparttar 150709 most, isrepparttar 150710 flexibility I have with my time. If I want to work late inrepparttar 150711 day I can, and if I want to work early inrepparttar 150712 morning, thatís up to me. Running a home-based medical transcription business is a lot of fun.

Medical transcription is not for everyone, and it is important before venturing in to any business that you weigh uprepparttar 150713 pros and cons of it all and do what is best for your situation.

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and author of an Ebook about starting a medical transcription business.

How to Drop Ship Products on Ebay

Written by Jason James

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In a perfect world,repparttar beauty of this is that you have no overhead expense. Overhead expenses include such items as rent for storingrepparttar 150674 product, interest onrepparttar 150675 money spent to buyrepparttar 150676 product, and labor involved in boxing and shippingrepparttar 150677 product. You also have no risk of overstocking product or slow moving product. The product is purchased from your direct source only after you have received an order from your customer.

Some ofrepparttar 150678 potential problems with drop shipping are:

1. The drop shipper source runs out ofrepparttar 150679 product you are listing for sale

2. Defective merchandise returns may have fees associated to you.

3. Customer support is out of your hands, which, if handled incorrectly, can negatively affect your feedback.

As with any business venture, there are risks and rewards that you have to balance to find out ifrepparttar 150680 method works for you.

Drop shipping is also a good way to test new products, if you don't want to invest $500 or more on a minimum order to obtain resale pricing. You can list your item on your ecommerce or auction site and experiment with various titles and categories to see whererepparttar 150681 product will sell and what it will sell for. Any successful sales organization will tell yourepparttar 150682 key is to Test! Test! Test! Fine-tune your listings and products to findrepparttar 150683 best mix for you.

Use eBay to test your drop ship items. Remember,repparttar 150684 information you gather on these products is very valuable to you. You may sell some items at or below cost for your testing purposes, but I have purchased volume loads of product prior to testing and then been saddled with them - even having to sell some for 50% of my cost. You will make mistakes - everyone does! Using eBay and other auctions sites to test new markets or new products via drop shipping eliminates any large risk before committing to a product line.

Jason James is a 10 year Internet marketing veteran and an eBay Power Seller of 4 years. His website "The Auction Resource Network" reveals his inside secrets and sources that help him pocket over $10,000 a month on eBay.

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