Start a Home Cleaning Service for less than $10!

Written by Randy Wilson

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Target market:
Anybody who spends more than 40 hours away from home would not haverepparttar time on his hands to maintainrepparttar 147394 home likerepparttar 147395 way he wanted to. With women also working away from home beingrepparttar 147396 norm, home cleaning services are more in demand than ever before. Single parents, working couples, professionals and elderly who are not up to doingrepparttar 147397 cleaning themselves are prime prospects.

Success tips:
Confidence, have a general aptitute and attitude towards cleaning, and a sincere desire to be sensitive to people.

Training, skills or experience:
You can start this business as a supplement to your existing job or profession. No experience required, just an aptitude to make it big and help people maintain their homes clean and chic.

Books or Trade publications:

These are very thorough books on starting a home cleaning business and running it effectively.

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Randy has dozens of home based business articles such as Telecommunication Business and Tropical Fish Breeding.

Where To Find A Cash Windfall Of $10,000 To $1,000,000 - You Never Knew You Had

Written by Jay L. Abraham

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Here’s what I suggested to him: I told him to write a heartfelt letter to his most devoted clients which tells his story and includes an offer that they pre-pay for a year’s worth of his product to help him build his company. In return for their support, they’ll receive very preferential discounts and unique bonuses from him.

Willrepparttar strategy it work? Maybe. Maybe not. We won’t know until we test it. Butrepparttar 147313 premise is sound becauserepparttar 147314 odds are exceedingly high that many of his clients will empathize with him and want to be a part of his success by helping achieve his goals. Why? Because they trust him.

Now some of you will be a bit hard headed and say “But I don’t have a product” or “I don’t have a client list” or “I don’t have a business”.

So let me say it again: YOUR windfall opportunity lies inrepparttar 147315 trusted relationships YOU have cultivated. And your wealth-building opportunities will be kaleidoscopically different from everybody else’s.

Here another way of looking it:

Wealth = Opportunity = Trusted Relationships

Now here’srepparttar 147316 big question. Whether you own a business or not, how can you put this information into action immediately?

My answer for you: Well,repparttar 147317 most success-certain way I know is by engineering joint ventures with people. It’s my absolute favorite way of building businesses...generating enduring streams of income...and especially creating instant windfall profits. Ofrepparttar 147318 $7 Billion in profits I am credited with, at least $2.5 Billion has been generated doing lucrative joint ventures.

Solely by learning how to become a joint venture deal-maker who understandsrepparttar 147319 money-making opportunities and “money connections” that exist all around you, you could turn-around almost any problem...make almost any amount of money you desire...and live a life most people only dream of.

Try it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprisedrepparttar 147320 results you achieve.

Jay Abraham has been hailed as America’s #1 Marketing Genius by leading national publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, and The New York Times. Jay recently released his life’s work on joint ventures with expert dealmaker Marc Goldman. To learn the secrets behind his $2.5 billion success, go to .

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