Start a Home Based Business.

Written by Darrell Knox

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Why, again? Because when you start a home based business, you control your destiny! You get 100% ofrepparttar profit from all your hard work and you have no boss and no one to answer to. This is an incredible feeling of freedom and peace to 99% ofrepparttar 116980 people who experience it.

No successful home based business person (and there are quite literally thousands of them onrepparttar 116981 internet) will tell you what they do is “easy.” But they WILL tell you they love what they do and would never trade it for anything else.

Whether you end up selling information, services, or hard goods,repparttar 116982 one thing to keep in mind when starting a home based business is that you must loverepparttar 116983 subject, product, or service. You are going to be married torepparttar 116984 business for awhile when you start out and you definitely don’t want to quit from boredom just before you were about to make some great money!

I have seen this happen many times and it’s a sad thing! If you arerepparttar 116985 kind of person who can motivate yourself and work hard, then start a home based business today and get out from underrepparttar 116986 thumb of your employer!

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10 Simple ways to Clear Clutter from your Home and Office

Written by BZ Riger-Hull

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7. Shred unwanted office paper and use it for garden mulch, cat litter, or starting a nice crackling fire inrepparttar fireplace.

8. Learn to say NO. Or at least get inrepparttar 116979 habit of asking for a day to thinkrepparttar 116980 request over. This will clear out clutter from your schedule.

9. Make a rule that everything has a drawer, cabinet, basket, bin, or shelf it belongs on put nothing onrepparttar 116981 flat surfaces in your house.

10. Write down all of those things that are running around your brain nagging you. Sort them into three categories. 1. Things that will help me accomplish my goals that are Really important to me. 2. Things I think are urgent or burning. 3. Things I should do Be honest and ruthless when you sort this list.

Stop doing everything that falls under 3. Everything that falls under 2 Delegate to someone else or eliminate them all together. The items that fall under 1 arerepparttar 116982 only things you want to spend your time working on.

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