Start Your Own Internet Business

Written by John Evans

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Once your website has been established, you will need to advertise for your business. The World Wide Web is a huge place and your starting business will most likely be lost in a sea of websites without proper advertising plan. Fortunately, this task will not put a dent into your budget. Popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! offer advertising space on their websites. When a potential customer searches for a business similar to yours, a special advertising link will appear onrepparttar search page. Additionally, you may wish to place advertising links on associated pages. Many individuals choose to join marketplaces in established websites such asrepparttar 144696 online auction site eBay. This marketplace allows your starting business to gain access torepparttar 144697 huge base of clients who regularly use eBay to purchase anything and everything underrepparttar 144698 sun. In addition to advertising on repparttar 144699 website, you will be able to userepparttar 144700 name and reputation on eBay. However you choose to advertise your business, any cost advertising may incur will be well worth it inrepparttar 144701 end.

John Evans runs, and has written the book Success Alert - Conversations with Successful Internet Entrepreneurs which has been widely acclaimed in a variety of media. If you want to Starting Your Own Internet Business this book is a must-read!

Why Your Internet Business is Like the Stock Market

Written by Patty Gale

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Why do many of us still try to squeeze every single penny out of one website until it's bone dry? It's like wringing outrepparttar washcloth until there's no water left to drip. Why bank all of our risk in just one site?

There is a better way and it's called diversification and leverage. How? Instead of building one website and beating it to death in trying to get every last penny until it screams " no more!"... build more sites. Inrepparttar 144608 past, building websites by hand took days and weeks, if not months. Today, there are tools to make this process much simpler and faster and in some cases, you don't even have to know any code at all.

Why diversify and leverage your business across a variety of websites? To reduce your risk and to leverage your efforts. Individually, they may not make a lot of money, but collectively, you could create a nice little internet empire of your very own. It will be well worth your time in creating a long-term internet "investment" portfolio.

To Your Success!

Patty Gale

Patty Gale is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in personalization and customer care for all her clients. She exchanged her suits, hose and heels for working at home in her "jammies" and is on a mission to empower other women to do the same.

She can be reached at

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