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Written by Holly Janion

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For example onrepparttar WWW Treasure Hunt site at I have two affiliate programs. I needed one affiliate program to compensate for Treasure Hunter sign-ups and one to reward affiliates for advertisers. Forrepparttar 102600 first option, I used a script which I obtained from Superscripts at which my hosting company installed and configured for me for free. This script allows treasure hunters to sign-up from an affiliate site without actually leaving it. Forrepparttar 102601 second option, I chose to haverepparttar 102602 whole site replicated but had it configured specifically to track advertiser sign-ups only.

If you don't have your own merchant account, you could use a service like Clickbank. They provide a payment facility and will track your affiliate sales. You can find out more by visiting

If you have your own merchant account but want an outside company to handle and track your affiliate program, you could use a service like either or who make it easy and handle everything for a fee.

When deciding on which service to use to set-up your affiliate program, think of things fromrepparttar 102603 affiliate's point of view and what's important to them. A key factor to running a successful affiliate program is having happy affiliates. Make things easy for them. Offer different banner sizes, text links, real-time stats and e-mail notification when sales are made.

Once your affiliate program has been set-up, you'll need to promote it. As a starting point, list your site at, and These sites also provide information on marketing your own affiliate program.

The point is there are lots of options for you to choose from. Depending upon your circumstances, financial situation and whether you sell products or services, but which every method you choose, you could soon be on your way to becomingrepparttar 102604 next!

Holly Janion is the webmaster for Wade's World Ltd, an Internet solutions company at Her latest creations can be seen at and Holly can be contacted at mailto:

Turn Your Customers Into a Sales Force For Your Product or Service

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

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Commissions can be based on a percentage ofrepparttar purchase, a set dollar amount, or a small fee for each person who clicks through to visit your site. Most often, firms offer a percentage of sale averaging around 20 percent. Kevin offers commissions up to $75 per sale at

Training Your Sales Force A lot of web sites started big affiliate programs only to shut them down a few years later. Customers don't automatically get behind your affiliate program. Like any sales force, they need training and constant encouragement.

Your affiliates will need clear instructions on how to set up their affiliate links. Usually you can adapt these fromrepparttar 102599 instructions you get from your affiliate system provider.

Show affiliates how to promote their site and your links. The most effective way to make sales is for affiliates to include their link atrepparttar 102600 bottom of all their email messages. Show members how to create a signature file in their email program.

Also take care to explainrepparttar 102601 difference between sending mail to someone you know and spamming strangers. More than a few affiliate programs have been derailed by members who spammed without understanding what they were doing wrong.

Develop Your Marketing Materials Affiliate members will need a series of marketing materials from you. Have a professional writer create several sales letters members can use in autoresponders. Provide an email letter members can send when they are asked for more information. Also give members a page of web copy to put on their sites.

Make your customer sales force a priority. Plan your strategy, then work your plan consistently. Create a newsletter and publicly congratulate members who make sales. Share member success stories that could motivate other members to higher sales. Roll out new products, services, or improvements from time to time. They will give your members exciting new things to sell and keep your affiliates energized.

Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley provide affordable writing. See their low-cost sales letters and web copy at Reach them at or 801-328-9006.

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