Start Up a Nude Photography Business

Written by Roy Barker

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This type of photography is striving for a look that is natural, and even has a look that it has not been posed for at all. Comfort is essential not just physical comfort though that is important, but mental comfort,repparttar model must be able to understandrepparttar 150015 concept behind what you are trying to do so that she can co-operate. You have to takerepparttar 150016 time to explainrepparttar 150017 techniques of flattering compositions, but equallyrepparttar 150018 model has to work on being fluid and graceful in these motions.

A good relationship with your model built on confidence is essential when you come to evaluate and criticiserepparttar 150019 work. Your first session will createrepparttar 150020 tone for future work, but that is when a model will be her most nervous, a way of getting over this barrier might be to ask her to come accompanied, and that may make for a lighter more relaxed session.

Working withrepparttar 150021 same model over a number of sessions builds up a rapport, and helpsrepparttar 150022 model learn what works inrepparttar 150023 images, and what doesn't. She has to be able to seerepparttar 150024 completed image, before this is really possible. Asrepparttar 150025 model becomes more familiar with how you work and experiencesrepparttar 150026 crucial processes of making an image,repparttar 150027 model becomes better at generating poses which work for you, and onrepparttar 150028 whole,repparttar 150029 number of successful images increases.

The locations for this type of photography is not important in terms ofrepparttar 150030 finished image, but it needs to be a little circumspect, or you have to take along a person who watches for stray wanderers if it is outdoors. Lighting normally seems to be better if it is natural, but a single candle can be effective particularly withrepparttar 150031 use of an older model.

It is important to think ahead before this type of assignment and instruct a model to wear loose clothing and possibly no underwear as strap marks intorepparttar 150032 skin can take a long time to subside and will ruinrepparttar 150033 final shots.

Once you have managed to break into this type of work there are many stock libraries that specialise in this type of work.

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Decorating Your Kitchen With Antique Plates

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Hanging Small Plates:

Grouping smaller plates together in one area can add interest and keep them from getting “lost”. Use a common theme like, color, pattern or style to pull them together. Hang a single smaller piece low onrepparttar wall and as close torepparttar 149906 furniture as possible, otherwise it will seem to be floating.

Grouping Plates:

The key to grouping pieces together is to space them properly. Each item should be spaced about 3 inches away fromrepparttar 149907 items on either side. Try positioning them onrepparttar 149908 floor or a table to get a pleasing arrangement before placingrepparttar 149909 nails and measure carefully before making any holes.


Plates should be hung withrepparttar 149910 center ofrepparttar 149911 plate at eye level. That meansrepparttar 149912 center should be about 60 to 66 inches fromrepparttar 149913 floor. If you've visited a gallery you will see thatrepparttar 149914 frames are not lined up by their top or bottom edges but thatrepparttar 149915 pictures are all centered atrepparttar 149916 same height.

Ifrepparttar 149917 platter or plates will be viewed from a sitting position – like fromrepparttar 149918 dining table, you should hang atrepparttar 149919 eye level ofrepparttar 149920 sitter.

If you are hanging it behindrepparttar 149921 dry sink or server, make sure it is no more than 10” aboverepparttar 149922 back.

Using these tips you can transform your bare kitchen walls into a designer showcase with a unique focus on antique plates!

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