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Written by Angela Booth

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=> Ideas from: Your knowledge

What do you know? Start by making a list of allrepparttar subjects you were good at in school. Then list allrepparttar 129282 jobs you've had Ė yes, part-time work counts.

Also list: * Your hobbies. Are you a keen Chihuahua breeder? Do you quilt? Take photographs?

* Your current job. What are you learning in your job that other people would pay to learn?

* The places you've lived. Your hometown may be boring to you, but guide books sell well.

* Your family tree. What special knowledge do your nearest and dearest have that you could write about?

Spend around ten minutes writing down as many subjects as you have knowledge about.

=> Ideas from: What you enjoy most

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson freely admits that she cooks because she loves to eat. Nigella has turned her love of food into a career. She regularly produces bestselling books. (Her chocolate recipes are brilliant.) What do you love? People have written about garage sales, cosmetics, cars, vacations. If you love something, chances are that thousands or maybe millions of others will love it too.

Watchrepparttar 129283 newspapers and take note of current trends. Or better yet, listen to what your children are talking about, or asking you to buy for them. Children tend to be well up on whatís happening.

=> Ideas from: Challenges

You face challenges every day. Most are minor, some are major challenges. If you've ever faced a large challenge, or if you're facing one right now, then consider thatrepparttar 129284 things you learn could help other people. Whatever your challenge is, whether itís moving house or confronting a life-threatening illness, other people facerepparttar 129285 same challenges, and in those challenges lierepparttar 129286 seeds of books.

Make a list of 20 challenges you've faced in your life. Anything catastrophic qualifies: losing your job, facing bankruptcy,repparttar 129287 betrayal of a spouse. If you've had a quiet life, then make a list of challenges thatrepparttar 129288 people you know have faced.

See? Within an hour or so, you've got more ideas for books than you'll be able to write in a dozen lifetimes. And these will all be books that only you could write, because they're based on your knowledge and experiences.

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Writer, author and journalist Angela Booth has been writing successfully for print and online venues for 25 years. She also writes for business. On her Web site she conducts workshops and courses for writers.

Distribute Your Self-Published Book Online 8 Ways (Part 2)

Written by Judy Cullins

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Atrepparttar bottom of each email is a signature file. It should have your name and title, your top benefit, a free offer, a link to where your book is sold, your email and Web address, and your local phone number. Everyone onrepparttar 129281 net accepts this subtle promotion form. If you do not include it, you are passing up an easy way to draw attention to your product.

5.Distribute through your own Web site.

Create your Web site with marketing pizzazz. Don't just be creative and put up colorful graphics. Put up order pulling ad copy that convinces your visitor to buy. Create a sales letter that includes links torepparttar 129282 buying page. Be sure your sales letter gives enough information for your potential customer to decide to buy. Make it long enough to include your customers' resistance, benefits and features of your book or product, and multiple testimonials. Ask a book or Web coach to guide you.

6. Distribute through someone else's Web site.

Other ePublishers want your books--both print and eBooks. They want you to write a 100 word or less blurb (including benefits and testimonials). They will sell, distribute, and keep track of your sales, sending you a check every few weeks or so. Most give you royalties of 30-50% depending on whether it is a print or eBook.

7. Get an ISBN number.

When you put an ISBN number on your book, you are listed in "Books-in-Print." Libraries, bookstores and ISBN require it. You pay $225 for 10 or $800 for 100 today. Forrepparttar 129283 money and amount of work this is, you may do better by putting your money and time into other Online venue, because you don't need an ISBN number for that.

8. Distribute through a sales letter straight from your email.

Every time I want to promote my teleclasses, I send a sales letter. The letter followsrepparttar 129284 free report I already sent a few weeks ahead torepparttar 129285 same egroup. You may already have your ezine subscribers in a list. Collect all kinds of lists of emails to include satisfied customers, teleclass participants, ePublishers, or fellow networkers.

Send sales letters that promote your books, your classes, or your service. Once I learned this follow-up method of staying in touch with my target audience, sales rose from $75 a month to $3000 a month in about a year. Each month, count profits, not numbers of books sold! Internet authors get to keep allrepparttar 129286 money!

After several years of research and submitting to traditional publishing and distribution venues, I got discouraged and decided to become an author's advocate. I turned torepparttar 129287 Internet 2 1/2 years ago, and find that with a little delegation, a little study with a knowledgeable coach, a little attention, and a little money, my great-selling eleven eBooks earn enough for me to make half my income each month.

I encourage you to try this kind, gentle, and easy way to get your print or eBook into your audience's hand.

Judy Cullins: 20-year author, publisher, book coach Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams eBk: "High Traffic = High Web Sales" - New! Send an email to FREE The Book Coach Says... includes 2 free eReports Ph:619/466/0622

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