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Written by Daniel Punch

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C++ C++ is a derivation ofrepparttar C programming language. C code still works in C++ programs. It is an object-oriented language and very powerful.

Pros: ∑ As close to a universal programming language, as youíre likely to get atrepparttar 136950 moment. Itís used everywhere. ∑ Object oriented technology included, highly supported and recommended, but not forced upon you. ∑ Programs are stand alone, no need for interpreters (sometimes external libraries will need to be installed onrepparttar 136951 target PC). ∑ Easy to port to other platforms if standard C++ guidelines are adhered to. ∑ Many libraries available for added functionality.

Cons: ∑ Quite difficult to learn. Youíll never really stop learning new things about it (which is also a pro, I guess). ∑ Non-trivial programs arenít easily ported if they use platform-specific libraries (e.g. DirectX etc.). ∑ Programs can be slightly larger and slower than those programmed in C.

Visual Basic Visual Basic is a very easy language to use. Its code is similar to Pseudo-code and many timesrepparttar 136952 developer can simply type what they think should work and it does, which is cool.

Pros: ∑ Very easy to learn ∑ Quick to implement an application or algorithm ∑ Lots of in-built functionality ∑ Recently added complete OOP support withrepparttar 136953 .Net upgrade.

Cons: ∑ Not as flexible as other languages, you canít do as much. ∑ Runs slower than C/C++ ∑ Purely a Microsoft product and Windows based.

Where you start is largely up to you and what you want to get out of your programming. If you want to make it a career youíre going to want to be familiar withrepparttar 136954 more Ďindustrialí programming languages such as C and C++. There are still a lot of people out there experienced with these languages but youíll be in a more specialized field. Youíd have trouble throwing a punch in a crowded room without starting a scuffle with someone who could get a program going in Visual Basic. Start with a language that is suited to your skill level and when youíve learnt a bit of that youíll find it easier to move on to other languages. Iíve found personally and within my group of peers at university that now that we all have a certain amount of programming knowledge, it really doesnít take much effort to get stuck into another language and code a program there. Most of our assignments are done through improvisation as we learnrepparttar 136955 specifics of a language necessary to implementrepparttar 136956 assignment. You may not get a program as cohesive and well written as you would like compared with if you had a better idea of what you are actually doing, but it usually works.

Donít let me kid you into believing that you can develop software withrepparttar 136957 utmost ease. Youíll be sitting there staring at just three lines of code for two hours wondering why it doesnít work before you realize that your capitalization is wrong. However, it is a very rewarding feeling when you do get torepparttar 136958 end of a program and it all works beautifully (at least untilrepparttar 136959 user base get their hands on it and break it). So if youíre even somewhat interested get in there and have a go. The worst that can happen is that youíll rewrite your boot sector.

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Choosing a Tape Drive

Written by Linus Chang

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There are two usual reasons why tape drive are not be supplied with data at a sufficient rate. Firstly,repparttar rate at which data is read fromrepparttar 136930 hard disk ofrepparttar 136931 server is insufficient. This rate is dependent onrepparttar 136932 sizes and locations ofrepparttar 136933 files on disk and is generally unpredictable, but can be determined byrepparttar 136934 use of specialised software.

Secondly, if data is being transferred over a network of computers to a backup server,repparttar 136935 network may be incapable of supplying data at a sufficient rate. The maximum throughput of a network is predictable and easy to measure, based on previous network performance.

Consider a network using 10BaseT Ethernet. This transfer rate through this type of network cannot exceed 10MB/s, so it is immediately apparent that a tape drive requiring 20MB/s is inappropriate.

3. Reliability and duty cycle.

A simple way to gaugerepparttar 136936 reliability of a tape drive is to find outrepparttar 136937 Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) as specified byrepparttar 136938 manufacturer. You should note, however, thatrepparttar 136939 MTBF is usually specified at a certain duty cycle. For example, consider a Travan tape drive with a MTBF of 370,000 hours at 20% duty cycle. The drive will only have an average of 370,000 hours between failures if it is run less than 20% ofrepparttar 136940 time (about 4.8 hours per day), and runningrepparttar 136941 tape drive for any longer will significantly reducerepparttar 136942 reliability ofrepparttar 136943 drive.

4. Price

There is no point purchasingrepparttar 136944 highest-range tape drive if it's simply too expensive. Consider how much value-for-moneyrepparttar 136945 tape drive will give you. Are you willing to pay more for extra performance? Or do you need to sacrifice some performance to save on costs?

If you choose wisely, you should end up with a tape drive that fulfils your organization's needs, without blowingrepparttar 136946 budget.

Linus Chang is a backup expert and the lead developer of BackupAssist -- tape backup software that is simple and affordable, and perfect for small and medium businesses. Protect your Windows servers, including SQL Server and Exchange Server, to tape, REV drive, hard drive, NAS and more, at a fraction of the cost of other backup software. The product website is at

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