Star Wars Effect!

Written by Garry Munro

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Itís how we face up to our daily life challenges that will eventually determine our happiness or lack of it.

Face every challengerepparttar best you can with a positive mental attitude, not always easy, I agree, however, you arerepparttar 141240 only one who determines your attitude, be it Positive or Negative.

People and circumstances around you will be trying to influence how you feel BUT ONLY YOU DECIDE HOW YOU THINK!

Sorepparttar 141241 next alien invasion or Darth Vader you run into, just remember, your Thinking is in your hands, so think with a positive attitude and even if you donít win this battle, youíll end up winningrepparttar 141242 war and live a happier lifeÖmayrepparttar 141243 force be with you!!!!

Garry Munro is a successful consultant, speaker & coach in the area of self-development.

Based in Sydney Australia he runs his own business "Minds Alike" and works with small business owners and individuals assisting them to set & achieve their goals.

Visit his blog site at for more articles on success, business and self motivation.

Creating Insanity: A How-To Guide

Written by Steve Gillman

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Damage your brain with too many drugs and alcohol.

Isolate yourself fromrepparttar world.

Dwell onrepparttar 141230 horrible aspects of your life or ofrepparttar 141231 world.

Eat poorly and stay up all night.

Refuse to acceptrepparttar 141232 things you cannot change.

Hang ontorepparttar 141233 past too tightly.

Let fear make your important decisions for you.

Good mental health is very much a natural state. Sometimes we lose that and feel like we're "going crazy." We want to "do something" about it, but looking at ways to become insane shows us that unlike other goals, optimal mental health is not so much about doing things right - it's more about not doingrepparttar 141234 wrong things.

Steve Gillman writes on many self help topics including boosting brainpower, losing weight, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, learning gratitude, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. You'll find more at

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