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Written by BB Lee

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Microsoft Front Page


Or you could download one ofrepparttar WYSIWYG editors. (What You See Is What You Get!)

With these editors you can easily compose a web page without knowing any HTML at all.

Cool Page

So, what are you waiting for? If you are in a hurry download one ofrepparttar 117537 WYSIWYG editors and spend one afternoon playing around withrepparttar 117538 controls until you understand them.

Or userepparttar 117539 editor at one ofrepparttar 117540 free website host to compose your first Home Page onrepparttar 117541 Web. The web host will usually supply examples and give you complete instructions on how to set up that first web page. Plus most ofrepparttar 117542 free web host supply users with WYSIWYG Editors. Composing your first web page could not be easier!

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Written by shawn casey

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