Stair Rail Decorating Ideas

Written by Donna Jolean

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Contemporary you say? Chrome or silver may berepparttar right touch. What about a beautiful fleur-de-lis design in black iron or imagine how an antique quilt finial would look on your stair rail. If you'd like to takerepparttar 100046 more whimsical approach, use your favorite colors and paint a wooden finial justrepparttar 100047 way you want it!

The finial on your stair rail may seem likerepparttar 100048 tiniest of details; but paying attention to details like this, will set your home apart fromrepparttar 100049 rest!

Happy Decorating!

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Single hung aluminum window glass repair

Written by John Rocco

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The final mechanism will be a spiral metal rod. If you have this type, i suggest you have it done by a professional. If you aren't careful with these, you can wind up having to replacerepparttar spiral rods. Now, ifrepparttar 100045 broken pane isrepparttar 100046 upper sash, more than likely it will be a fixed panel. You can take these out without messing withrepparttar 100047 sliding panel. Unlockrepparttar 100048 window and raiserepparttar 100049 lower sash a few inches. Removerepparttar 100050 screen, then removerepparttar 100051 two screws holdingrepparttar 100052 horizontal bar on place. Taprepparttar 100053 bar down in one corner using a hammer and screwdriver. The bar will come off. Then you can grabrepparttar 100054 bottom ofrepparttar 100055 upper sash and wiggle as you pullrepparttar 100056 sash downward. Once you have pulled it down several inches, you should be able to grabrepparttar 100057 top and bottom ofrepparttar 100058 sash and pull torepparttar 100059 left or right untilrepparttar 100060 opposite side comes out. Then you can swingrepparttar 100061 panel out.

Oncerepparttar 100062 new glass is installed, you can putrepparttar 100063 upper sash back by reversingrepparttar 100064 removal procedure. Taprepparttar 100065 bottom upward with a hammer or rubber mallet, ensuring thatrepparttar 100066 sash is fully seated inrepparttar 100067 top ofrepparttar 100068 frame. Then, putrepparttar 100069 horizontal mulling bar back in place and tap it onrepparttar 100070 sash framer. Installrepparttar 100071 screws and screen. You're done. Next week we will cover broken glass repair of dual pane windows.

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