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Written by Stephen Wilk

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Recommended solutions? There are a few legitimate programs which actually do what they say they will do. 'Counterspy' is such a program. 'CounterSpy' uses extensive Spyware signature databases, real- time security agents, and ThreatNet to protect your machine from many types of Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, search hijackers, keyloggers, ghost spammers, and spy software. If you do not want to be targeted with offers of goods you don't want and you want to feel secure, knowing your personal information is safe - then CounterSpy isrepparttar program you are looking for.

One great benefit of CounterSpy isrepparttar 138472 real-time agents that monitor your computer 24/7, securing certain key areas. Malicious Spyware authors are dubious and crafty. With CounterSpy you stackrepparttar 138473 odds in your favour and dramatically reducerepparttar 138474 odds of Spyware installing on your machine.

There are no know issues with CounterSpy running with other programs, so you should find it blends in nicely with any existing programs you are running. I work inrepparttar 138475 PC maintenance and repair field and have foundrepparttar 138476 program works as it says. A good number of other satisfied users that I have referred also rate this program.

The program has a 15 day free trial and a 30 Day Guarantee to ensure you are satisfied withrepparttar 138477 program. Its excellent value for money at $19 (or approximately £10 ) for one full year ,including updates. The price in year 2 is roughly half repparttar 138478 original price - so it really is a good deal.

I believe that £10 spent on prevention, is far better than paying out £100 later, if you acquire a real bad problem this program could have prevented.

Referring back torepparttar 138479 guarantee, if you are not satisfied, your money is refunded in full. (Guarantee is provided by repparttar 138480 makers ofrepparttar 138481 software). A very good guarantee from an established company, with a quality product. I userepparttar 138482 product myself daily. My opinion is that it will help in your fight to keep your computer running in top condition and more importantly, keeping your personal information more secure.

You can tryrepparttar 138483 program out for yourself - Go to http://www.gotopchelp.com/web/spyware

Stephen Wilk PC Help

Stephen Wilk (MCSE) is the author of various technology articles and runs a commercial PC maintenance, repair and sales business. Stephen has already helped many people solve their frustrating computer problems.

Developing An Effective Physical Therapy Web Site

Written by Jim D. Ray

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Product descriptions should vibrantly relaterepparttar texture, colors, size, and “feel” of each item. Choose words that connect directly torepparttar 138314 senses. A throw pillow, for example, could be presented as “a soft burgundy compliment to any sofa pictured above.” Of course, while it is appropriate to be vivid in your product descriptions, remember to remain true to each product’s features.

Customer service options are a must. A hyperlink torepparttar 138315 merchant’s contact page or customer service area should be available on each page ofrepparttar 138316 site, uniformly. The merchant’s telephone number should also be listed on each page.

A shopping cart system is not required, but can certainly promote prospect-customer conversion based on convenience. Forrepparttar 138317 product-based web presence,repparttar 138318 next “action step” after selecting a product is to make a purchase decision. If a purchase requires picking uprepparttar 138319 telephone,repparttar 138320 merchant risks losingrepparttar 138321 customer during this transition. Offering on-line payment with telephone support isrepparttar 138322 optimal way to promote an on-line sale.

Tweaks and Tips

 Offering financing options and/or incentive-based sales offers, such as no interest for a 6- or 12-month period, will increase your competitive edge and promote a quicker purchase decision.

 When developing content, be sure to include plenty of key terms and phrases inrepparttar 138323 site’s general text. Search engines such as Google rely on content text, not meta tags, to determine search placement.

 Include key terms in image description tags and hyperlinks. Describe each image or link using terms and phrases relevant torepparttar 138324 image, industry, and merchant. If you are a furniture merchant attempting to develop your first web presence, seekrepparttar 138325 advice and support of a full-service small business web design firm. Professional, affordable web design is available. Creating a “do it yourself” site may appear cost effective, however this can quickly become a complicated and time consuming project. Stay focused in your profession, and recruitrepparttar 138326 wisdom of a web professional.

Jim Ray is a seasoned web developer and president of Web Presence, a national web design firm serving the small business market sector. To learn more, or for a free quote for your own web site, visit the Web Presence at http://www.web-presence.net.

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