Spyware – Your Web Browser is the Culprit!

Written by Kevin Souter

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The best program to remove an errant Browser Help Object is HijackThis. This program was originally designed to remove homepage hijackers and gradually morphed into an all-around removal tool for everything. If there’s any one tool that I couldn’t part with it’s HJT.

To start, download HijackThis 1991. Once you’ve got it, open it. Clickrepparttar button that says “Do a system scan only”. Following that, scroll down torepparttar 141225 items labeled 02 – BHO. Remove anything here that looks suspicious. Internet Explorer does not require any BHO’s to run. Just keep an eye onrepparttar 141226 path that it loads from, andrepparttar 141227 name ofrepparttar 141228 file. A legitimate one will be fairly easy to spot, as it’ll have a legit title and OK looking path.

Ifrepparttar 141229 filename looks like it was randomly made, like ASGSRT32.DLL or whatnot then there’s a good 90% chance that it’s bad. Even if you do remove one that’s good, you can always userepparttar 141230 restore feature of HJT to bring it back.

If you need any other HijackThis help then readrepparttar 141231 previous link.

Kevin Souter is a full time computer repair technician. He also operates a free spyware removal site, as well as a general computer repair site.

How To Turn Your Favorite Photos Into Desktop Wallpaper

Written by Donna D. Fontenot

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If you've got System 8: Go torepparttar Apple menu and selectrepparttar 141224 Desktop Pictures Control Panel. Click onrepparttar 141225 Picture tab. If you already have wallpaper on your desktop, click onrepparttar 141226 Remove Picture button to remove your old wallpaper. Now userepparttar 141227 Select Picture button to selectrepparttar 141228 image you want to use. Then, pressrepparttar 141229 Set Desktop button and closerepparttar 141230 window.

Managing and Rotating Wallpaper:

If you want to frequently change your desktop wallpaper, or have it automatically rotate through a set of photos, there are many wallpaper managers that will do this for you. The one that I use is freeware and is called Wallpaper Master. You can download it from http://jamesgart.com/wallpaperchanger/index.html

Donna Fontenot is one of those wallpaper nuts who loves to find new photos to display on her desktop. You can find her favorites at her newest website, and download totally free desktop wallpaper at http://www.desksites.com

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