Spyware, this time itís personal!

Written by Doug Woodall

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So there you are, a victim of Spyware. Youíve been used! You want revenge! You shout, "If only I could inventrepparttar perfect Anti-Spyware Tool!" Well maybe you shout something else, I know I have.

Would this perfect Anti-Spyware Tool tell you when visit a Website that has Spyware? Would it prevent Spyware from transmitting your information that it has collected? Would it even prevent Spyware form becoming active? Would it make Coffee too?

Ah if only it could be.

You have to safeguard your personal information when you are online.

Itís been said by a few that one way to curbrepparttar 146164 spread of Spyware is to allow it to collect certain types on information from you. Information you agree to. In turn, for collecting this information, you are compensated in some way. There are Websites and programs out there that do this in some way or form. You accrue points or whatever that you redeem for cash or a blender or whatever. Regardless of how its done, it might be a way to reducerepparttar 146165 anxiety of wondering if your personal information is being harvested and even worse, what they are using it for.

About the Author:

Doug Woodall has a website at http://www.spywarebiz.com

There he provides free information and recommended products to combat Spyware.

He is a member of the IWA (International Webmasters Association)

Doug can be reached at spywarebiz@comcast.net

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How to Use the Google Patent to Get More Traffic

Written by Chris Ellington

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I use a hosted service from Sales Force (www.salesforce.com) to manage my leads. It costs me $65 per month for a full-featured sales force automation and lead management system that I can get to from any computer with internet access. Like my American Express card, I don't leave home without it.

I userepparttar free service from PRWeb (www.prweb.com) to send out press releases torepparttar 146163 media for my clients. Their paid service is about $400, but I've always been happy withrepparttar 146164 results from their free version.

Can you see how telling people about these tools takes nothing away from my own service offering? Giving away this information does one very important thing: it makes my target market happy.

After all, how many people don't even know that www.articlemarketer.com is a tool they should be using or that salesforce.com offers a web based lead management SFA offering? When they read my article, they get valuable information about something they can use right now to get more traffic, find more prospects, and increase their sales volume. They are satisfied.

Thenrepparttar 146165 magic happens.

When they get torepparttar 146166 end of my article, if they likerepparttar 146167 free information I've provided, they will want to know more. I put my website address inrepparttar 146168 resource box (yep, see below) and I get a flood of traffic to my site. Not just any old traffic though. The people coming to my website are pre-qualified. It's what Ken Evoy says is crucial in selling online, these visitors are "open to an offer" from me.

They have already proven to have an interest in what I'm talking about, and they already feel somewhat comfortable with me, my style, my approach, etc. When they arrive at my web site, they get a lot of information absolutely free. They can also purchase things I have for sale.

I've seen dramatic spikes in my Simplified Selling book sales after distributing an article. The conversion rate is better too Ė meaning I get more sales "per capita" than using pay-per-click or buying ads in newsletters.

Of course, it's not that expensive to buy an ad in a newsletter Ė but does anyone have enough money to pay for advertising in every newsletter that reaches a particular target market? Of course not, there are hundreds of thousands of ezines published onrepparttar 146169 web and in print.

However, publishers need content and they are willing to publish your free reprint article (meaning they don't have to pay you for your writing) and in exchange they provide a link to your website.

That link shows up in newsletters to be seen by your prospective customers. You also get permanent links on websites - something else thatrepparttar 146170 Google Patent identifies as important when ranking sites.

So sit down, draft out an article on some topic you like, and get it published. Watch asrepparttar 146171 world beats a path to your door.

Chris Ellington gives effective and easy to implement marketing strategies to small business owners and home business entrepreneurs. His Simplified Selling System has been a favorite of salespeople around the world. Get your free marketing strategies at www.simplifiedselling.com.

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