Spys in CyberWorld

Written by Kim Haas

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1. Delete all your files from your Windows 95/98 recycle bin usingrepparttar standard 'Empty Recycle Bin' command. 2. Open your browser and deleterepparttar 132125 history files and browser cache from your preferences/options menu. 3. Open Windows Explorer and right click onrepparttar 132126 drive letter you use for your main hard drive. Select "Properties" 4. Write down your drive's total Capacity, Used Space and Free Space; you'll need this later. 5. Downloadrepparttar 132127 Evidence EliminatorT free trial program from http://www.evidence-eliminator.com/go.shtml?A654789 6. Runrepparttar 132128 Evidence Eliminator(TM). 7. Repeat step 3 and compare how much free space is now available on your hard drive.

Here'srepparttar 132129 results of my experiment:

Total hard drive space 30,677,901,312 bytes (28.5GB)

Available space before Evidence Eliminator: 26,893,676,544 bytes Available space AFTER Evidence Eliminator: 26,620,821,504 bytes

Total reclaimed space: 272,855,040 bytes

To translate, Evidence Eliminator(TM) removed over 260MB of files from my computer! This isn't much for those of us who have mega-space on our hard drives, but for those with more limited space, 260MB is a lot!

Here's some astonishing information I discovered about files on my computer:

295 Windows Application logs were found. These logs stored information about what windows programs I've been using each day.

There were almost 90 "components" discovered and removed that had "installed themselves" to my computer without my knowledge!

271 Start Menu Recent Documents logs were removed. This held information about what programs I had selected from my Windows Start Menu.

3601 IE cache files were found AFTER I had cleared my IE cache and history!

1960 IE cookies were removed. I had full control over which cookies I kept and which ones I did not.

5636 Windows .TMP files were found that were NOT removed usingrepparttar 132130 browser history delete options. Some of these files arerepparttar 132131 result of extracting .zip files that were downloaded fromrepparttar 132132 internet, web pages I viewed off-line, .midi and .wav files which downloaded during visits to web pages with background music, etc.

My experiment proved to me that there IS information about me and my computer usage habits that is stored on my computer which takes up valuable space, not to mention information I might not want to ever be public knowledge. It's always a good idea to keep your computer clean of unwanted files and protect your privacy atrepparttar 132133 same time.

Are you aware of every single file on your computer? You should be! Protect yourself from Cyber-Spys and regain control of what information is stored on your PC. In this world of high technology, you never can tell when this information could be found and used.

Kim Haas is a WAHM and CEO of Womans-Net.com, a popular online networking community focusing on working from home and women in business. Let us help you become the successful entrepreneur you want to be. http://www.womans-net.com. To subscribe to Womans-Net News: subscribe@womans-net.com

Bogus Virus Warning ...

Written by Kimberly Teed

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anyone running Windows 98 will find it. If you've fallen victim to this hoax and deleted this file ... visit http://antivirus.about.com/compute/antivirus/library/weekly/ aa052601a.htm?nk=r1&terms=SULFNBK.EXE or do a web search for 'Restoring Sulfnbk.exe'.

However! If a Sulfnbk.exe comes attached to an e-mail -- don't open it -- any executable hasrepparttar potential to be infected.

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