Spruce Up Your Pages with Scrapbooking Embellishments

Written by Fion Lim

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  • Ifrepparttar piece of accent has a functional purpose such as concealing unsightly parts of your photo, adding balance torepparttar 135490 overall layout or holding another item in place, then use that lovely embellishment.

  • Ifrepparttar 135491 embellishment boosts your story-telling ability forrepparttar 135492 page, then jump onrepparttar 135493 chance.

  • Ifrepparttar 135494 purpose ofrepparttar 135495 embellishment is to copy what you've seen people did in some magazine, it's might not speak of you own style. Instead, follow your instincts and use whatever you feel confident of expressing your style onrepparttar 135496 page!

    There's probably no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to scrapbooking with embellishments ideas. Just keep in view that an embellishment or two when used inrepparttar 135497 right combination, will contribute torepparttar 135498 vision you've been trying to express in a powerful way.

    Happy scrapping with embellishments!

    Fion Lim is the creator of Everything-About-Scrapbooking.com - Here's your how-to-guide to learning about scrapbooking. Find free online scrapbooking ideas, tips, inspirations, articles and resources to quotes, poems and fonts right here.


  • Buying a new digital camera

    Written by Nick Stubbs

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    Again, my advice would be to go for quality. These cameras are more expensive anyway and you want one that will last and put up with a bit of knocking from your "getting creative in photography" moments! Once you have your advanced digital compact, don’t be swayed byrepparttar latest upgrades, updates or releases. Get to know what you have, learn how to use it effectively and learnrepparttar 135489 photography side of photography, notrepparttar 135490 technical side.

    Once you are happy with your progression and feel that you want to move on, be more in control and maybe even start to earn from photography, only then should you splash out and upgrade to a Digital SLR.

    The Semi Professional Digital SLR or consumer DSLR is a fantastic thing in photography. Many ofrepparttar 135491 "die-hard" film photographers are seeingrepparttar 135492 light and going digital. Many aspects of film are still widely used and will do for some time, as large format film photography producesrepparttar 135493 absolute finest detail I have seen (atrepparttar 135494 time of writing. In 2020, who knows?).

    However,repparttar 135495 latest batch of Digital SLR's have now reachedrepparttar 135496 point where they match or out perform 35mm film. It is predicted that next year (2006) will be "boom time" forrepparttar 135497 sales of DSLR's asrepparttar 135498 quality increases andrepparttar 135499 prices come down. There has never been a better or cheaper way to get into 35mm photography!

    The BIGGEST thing to consider when buying a DSLR kit is to choose your brand loyalty. Look at Canon, Nikon, Konica-Minolta, Olympus, Kodak etc., and make your choice, why? As you progress and become more enthusiastic or serious, you will want to add more lenses to your kit. Wide angle, telephoto, zoom, macro, standard….there is a massive choice.

    Withrepparttar 135500 way technology is going, you are much more likely to upgrade your camera than you are your lenses and it will be a lot cheaper to do so once you really get into this hobby, believe me! One decent lens in my kit cost €2,000 (£1400) alone. A decent lens will, with care, last you a lifetime. There is only a certain level of quality ofrepparttar 135501 glass you can obtain with optics so remember this point when buying your camera.

    My choice? Canon. I used to work for Nikon and had a preference towards them, but nowadays all my kit is Canon. I feel they are one step ahead with technology andrepparttar 135502 lenses (especiallyrepparttar 135503 nice white ones) are amazing! Just look atrepparttar 135504 next major sporting event on TV, how many "White" lenses you see. Only Canon makes white lenses.

    Again, once you have made your choice, BUYrepparttar 135505 camera, ENJOY it and LEARN from it! Ifrepparttar 135506 sensor (i.e. 8MP of bigger) produces LARGE, high quality prints, why be swayed byrepparttar 135507 newer, latest upgrades? Photography is about "learning" and enjoyment, DO NOT be intimidated by technological gobbeldy gook, as long as your camera hasrepparttar 135508 features that you need, quality to match and you build a nice set of lenses over time, who cares ifrepparttar 135509 latest model has 0.1% better white balance control, or flashing lights?

    If you are new to Digital SLR's, I have a section on my website that explains allrepparttar 135510 bits and buttons…

    Digital SLR Newbie?

    Allrepparttar 135511 best and enjoy yourselves!

    Nick Stubbs All Things Photography

    Professional photographer with more than 20 years experience. Started at 13 by building own darkroom, progressed to become an apprentice at 16 and have not looked back since.

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