Spring & Summer Runway Hits

Written by Estate Jewelry International

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  • The Willow Collection is structured but ultra feminine. She mixed brights with indigo and tan. A whimsical girly collection!
  • The Gharani Strok collection is full of bold prints. Sexy jungle prints are a very large part of this seasons collection. Lisa Maffia would look great in this collection.
  • The Jenny Packham collection is a glamours gypsy combination. Floaty dresses with sequins are almost goddess like. Perfect for Sienna Miller.
  • The Alberta Ferretti collection has focused on volume, made up of light fabrics that look like they float.
  • The Gucci collection ultra sexy full of decadence and luxury. Egdy but not too edgy.
  • The Alesandro Dell'Acqua collection is ever so chic! This collection is a perfect match for Natalie Portman.
  • The Miu Miu collection is bold and bright with several retro 70's prints appearing inrepparttar mini dresses. Chloe Sevigny would look great in this collection.
  • The Rochas collection is ever so lady like with exceptional contouring. Perfect for Scarlett Johansson.
  • The Marc Jacobs collection focuses on trend setting. Perfect match for Hilary Swank.
  • The Jonathan Saunders collection is using print in a new and innovative fashion. A fabulous mix of glamour shapes with heavy prints.
  • The Matthew Williamson collection uses bold color but still remains ultra feminine. A perfect match for Hally Berry.

    This season proves to be a great mix of fashion - bold, glamourous, sexy, and elegant. Something for everyone. You don't need to be a star to wear these fabulous fashions. Many boutiques sell main stream fashions by these designers. Other manufactures take fromrepparttar 139193 catwalk and re-create similar looks or styles.

    What ever your fashion style, your certain to find fashions you love this season!

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