Spring is Sprung

Written by Wendy Hearn

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If you're ready to enjoy more success, natural energy and confidence, then I encourage you to look atrepparttar areas of your life and business which need some spring cleaning. Perhaps this includes your sales, marketing, referrals, finances, management and leadership skills. Or perhaps you tend to procrastinate, to run out of time or feel stressed.

I suggest you make a commitment to start spring cleaning today. Chooserepparttar 123953 areas you want to clean up and devise a plan of action. Start by asking yourself some questions. Ideally, what do I want this area of my life to be like? What do I need to get rid of? What do I want to put in its place? What is getting inrepparttar 123954 way of this? Where am I now in this particular area? Look atrepparttar 123955 difference between where you are now, what you want to clear out and ideally where you want to be. Now break this down into smaller steps. Steps which feel achievable for you and will take you forward. Takerepparttar 123956 first step forward today. A coach can assist you fully with this process until completion. A radical spring clean putsrepparttar 123957 zest back into your life and gives yourepparttar 123958 freedom to reach forrepparttar 123959 top.

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Written by Noel Peebles

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If left to fester and control our lives, fear eventually leads us to stop trying new things. Our comfort zone pulls tight around us and is rarely pushed further out than it needs to be. We feel stale, lethargic and wonder what's missing in our lives. Our creative energy is replaced with a survival instinct. On a subconscious level we start to really believe that we aren't good enough, or that there's no way possible that we can achieve something new or take a risk. On a conscious level our body and mind responds to being fed negative statements and responds by firmly stating -

"I can't do it!"

What are you afraid of?

Have you ever wondered just what you are afraid of? What stops you from takingrepparttar next step forward that will keep you on repparttar 123952 path of achieving your goals?

The reason for most people's fear is buried deep within themselves. A low level of self-confidence and self-esteem makes us feel unhappy about ourselves. Because our thoughts are based on feelings of inadequacy, we set our boundaries and standards very low and achieve little in our lives.

One ofrepparttar 123953 greatest realizations that you may ever experience in your life is thatrepparttar 123954 emotion of fear is part of being human. It's perfectly normal to experience misgivings and doubts!

Fear will never go away no matter how self-confident or successful we are!

The key to overcoming our fears is to feel good about ourselves and think positively. We can then begin to userepparttar 123955 energy that fear creates positively in our lives.

Only then can we turn indecision and fear into power and action.

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