Spring Maintenance: Gutter Tips

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- Remove rust with a wire brush and steel wool. Clean well. Then apply primer and paint to prevent future rusting.

Safety Tips

- Wear heavy work gloves to prevent slivers and cuts from gutters.

- Use a sturdy ladder.

- Work with a buddy anytime you work in high places.

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Help Choosing Door and Window Hardware.

Written by Ali Arnold

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Advise is often needed as good quality hardware can be expensive. You need to getrepparttar right thing, before cutting holes in your precious doors and windows.Architectural Ironmongery Ltd is run by trained joiners with over getting on for 90 years of joinery knowledge and experience betweenrepparttar 100143 three of them. They are happy to discuss restoration projects with their customers, giving advise when necessary. The retail and mail order business is based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England, but ships world wide and has a huge amount and variety of hardware in stock.

Ali Arnold is a tutor and company secretary for Architectural Ironmongery Ltd, who are specialists in door and window hardware for period properties, this very knowledgable company is always happy to give advise when required.

visit their site at http://www.arciron.com

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