Spring Home Projects in Northern New England

Written by Mark Donovan

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For those of us with bountiful winter snowfalls, many of us haverepparttar unique task of fixing or replacing our mailboxes for hopefullyrepparttar 100001 last time, or at least forrepparttar 100002 next 12 months. This is particularly an aggravating task as we spend much ofrepparttar 100003 time doing it, cussing under our breathrepparttar 100004 snow plow operator that we know had pleasure wiping out our mailbox.

Then there isrepparttar 100005 garden. I am not sure why I still bother. Maybe it is due to a memory of my youth, when I spent two summers working on a farm. It may also be some innate desire to see something grow from nothing, that I had a part in. I think it isrepparttar 100006 latter, but regardless, every April I go out and till, fertilizer and limerepparttar 100007 soil, while I sacrifice my body torepparttar 100008 Black flies. By May I begin to plantrepparttar 100009 Peas, Carrots and Onions. By June I plantrepparttar 100010 Tomatoes, Peppers and Squash. And by July, I am at war withrepparttar 100011 local Wood Chuck.

Finally, there isrepparttar 100012 changing ofrepparttar 100013 machine guards; storingrepparttar 100014 snow blower away and preparingrepparttar 100015 lawn mower, or in my case lawn mowers. I haverepparttar 100016 sit-down one forrepparttar 100017 main course, and a push one forrepparttar 100018 dessert. As my father-in-law always insists, sharpenrepparttar 100019 blades beforerepparttar 100020 start ofrepparttar 100021 cutting season and then a couple of more times throughoutrepparttar 100022 summer. Well, being non-retired, I am satisfied sharpening them once beforerepparttar 100023 cutting season begins and I have yet to see any ill side effects.

I seerepparttar 100024 lights of Boston approaching inrepparttar 100025 distance. My flight is almost over; however my spring list is nearly complete. I am sure I have missed a few items, but my wife will surely remind me. I look forward torepparttar 100026 warmth of spring, but as I look down at my list, I think, Iíll just sit back and savorrepparttar 100027 final weeks of winter.

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Over the past 20+ years Mr. Donovan has been involved with building homes and home additions. Mr. Donovan's formal education & profession have been as an Electrical Engineer & Marketing Manager.


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