Spring Garden Tips

Written by Josh Gray

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For allrepparttar beautiful colors of spring, consider planting both annual and perennial flowers. Although your perennials will still be around from last year, you may want to add a few of your favorites to replace flowers lower on your list. Annuals are an important part to every garden. They bring some ofrepparttar 138352 richest, most vibrant colors to your garden. Plant your annuals from starters if you want an early spring bloom. Make sure that you plant annuals in areas of your yard that get at least five hours of direct sunlight per day. Don’t be cheap onrepparttar 138353 plant food and watering, and you will ensure your flowers getrepparttar 138354 right ingredients for full, healthy blossoms.

Oncerepparttar 138355 initial preparing and planting are finished, you can sit back and relax, letting your sprinklers dorepparttar 138356 rest ofrepparttar 138357 work. If you work hard early on, your hardest task in summer will be choosing which flowers to make cuttings of and create bouquets forrepparttar 138358 kitchen and dining room. Enjoyrepparttar 138359 fruits of your labor… until next spring.

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Nettles The Needles Sting

Written by Judi Singleton

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Season with 1 teaspoon salt and a little freshly ground black pepper, mix well, then tierepparttar mixture up in a muslin cloth that has been wrung out in cold water. Drop into boiling water and boil for 1 hour, or hang over boiling water and steam for 3 hours. When you removerepparttar 138310 pudding cloth, you will have a round cannonball of a pudding that is delicious when served with a good gravy or melted butter.

The Nettle Beer made by cottagers is often given to their old folk as a remedy for gouty and rheumatic pains, but apart from this purpose it forms a pleasant drink. It may be made as follows: Take 2 gallons of cold water and a good pailful of washed young Nettle tops, add 3 or 4 large handsful of Dandelion,repparttar 138311 same of Clivers (Goosegrass) and 2 OZ. of bruised, whole ginger. Boil gently for 40 minutes, then strain and stir in 2 teacupsful of brown sugar. When lukewarm place onrepparttar 138312 top a slice of toasted bread, spread with 1 OZ. of compressed yeast, stirred till liquid with a teaspoonful of sugar. Keep it fairly warm for 6 or 7 hours, then removerepparttar 138313 scum and stir in a tablespoonful of cream of tartar. Bottle and tierepparttar 138314 corks securely. The result is a specially wholesome sort of ginger beer. The juice of 2 lemons may be substituted forrepparttar 138315 Dandelion and Clivers. Other herbs are often added to Nettles inrepparttar 138316 making of Herb Beer, such as Burdock, Meadowsweet, Avens Horehound,repparttar 138317 combination making a refreshing summer drink. Mrs. Grieves, A Modern Herbal As our soils and bodies are very depleted of minerals one ofrepparttar 138318 ways forrepparttar 138319 body to absorb minerals quickly is by using wild herbs. Our ancestors used nettles for all kinds of uses, so we have a history in our body of usingrepparttar 138320 minerals in these wild herbs. Read Judi's Other Blogs

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